Beijing International Schools' Career Fair

The inaugural Harrow International School Careers Fair will take place on 12 March 2019.

The purpose of the fair is for companies in the Greater Beijing area to present their business activities, especially with regards to career prospects, to secondary school pupils in the Beijing area.

This is also an opportunity to meet with students and families in our vibrant community. Pupils attending the conference will gain first-hand knowledge of possible career paths as they plan for their next educational steps.

The 2018/19 fair will be held in Harrow Beijing on 12March from 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm.

Registration is OPEN NOW! For companies planning to attend the event, please click here.

Attendance is free of charge.

For any enquiries, please contact Paul Rispin at

Beijing International Schools' Annual University Fair

The Beijing International Schools’ University Fair is an annual event organized by the Beijing East Consortium of International Schools, comprising the British School of Beijing, Dulwich College Beijing, Harrow International School, International School of Beijing, Keystone Academy and Western Academy of Beijing.

The purpose of the fair is for university representatives from around the world to meet with students and families in our vibrant community. It creates a unique opportunity for colleges and universities to introduce firsthand information about their programs and majors to the Beijing students who are planning for the next educational step.

The 2018/19 fair will be held in Harrow Beijing on 16 October from 4.30 pm to 7.00 pm. For colleges and universities planning to attend the event, registration is open now.

Register now!

Attendance is free of charge. The deadline for registration is 12 October 2018.

For any enquiries, please contact Hamilton Gregg at

Excellence for EAL learners – a whole school approach

A 2 day workshop hosted by Harrow Beijing
  • Friday 2nd – Saturday 3rd March 2018
  • For primary and secondary teachers of all subjects

This workshop explores how EAL learners can be supported to reach their full potential across the whole school – from Early Years/Pre-K to Sixth Form/Grade12-13 – within the academic curriculum, pastoral support and enrichment provision. It is aimed at teachers across all disciplines and not only at colleagues working in the EAL team. We are all teachers of language!

Sessions will unpack how language development can be a core component of teaching and learning in all parts of the school. We will look at ways all teachers can integrate language and content in our planning, teaching and assessment, how EAL students can be engaged in high order thinking and effective models for collaborative planning and co-teaching. Participants will come away with practical strategies they can employ in their own classrooms immediately as well as plans for next steps at a department or whole school level. Workshops will be aimed at both primary and secondary specialists as well as covering broader topics including ICT applications, drawing on your cultural context and pastoral/enrichment opportunities. A learning walk and marketplace will allow for peer-to-peer learning, and participants may offer to lead a workshop in an area of interest.

Course fee: 50USD


For US Dollar payments/

Beneficiary Bank:

Hang Seng Bank (China) Limited Beijing Branch

Beneficiary Name:

Harrow International School Beijing

Beneficiary USD A/C No.:




If you need a visa for China we can provide an invitation letter

Recommended hotels: Holiday Inn Airport Express / Crown Plaza Airport

Deadline for registrations: 12th February 2018

To register, for visa invitation letters and/or to offer a workshop

please contact Barbara Justham,