The Admissions Process involves 4 stages:


Please fill in the application form by downloading the pdf form from here.

Application Form

Student Reference Form


Admissions staff contact parents to arrange assessment. Overseas students may be assessed at their current school.

Pre-N to Year 1

In-class observation for student

Possible interview with member of Lower School Senior Management Team for parents.

Year 2 to Year 5

round 1

Formal assessment tests

round 2

In-class observation

Student interview with Head of Lower School

Year 6 to Year 13

round 1

Formal assessment tests

round 2:

Student interviews with members of Senior Management Team.

Head Master’s Final Review

All applications are subject to a final review by the Head Master. At any stage of the admissions process, further information or an additional meeting may be requested.


Place offered

Once a place has been accepted, admission staff will liaise with parents and the Finance Department to finalise enrolment.

Starting date will be advised after receipt of payment and completion of relevant forms.


If a place is not offered, parents and students will be given advice on what steps could be taken to improve their chances of admission.

Students may be reconsidered for a place in the school at a later date at the school’s discretion.