Saturday School

Welcome to Harrow Beijing Saturday School!

This seeks to provide a resource and guide for parents and students – primarily to help school and home partner together appropriately in support of your children’s education.

The study of English is a core value at Harrow Beijing and one that allows children to flourish in their school lives and beyond. Since 2007, many students have studied and graduated from Saturday School and now are studying in Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London as well as many other top universities around the world. We are proud of our students, our teachers and our staff.

We are also very proud that each year, we listen to our parents, students and community, and various programmes are developed to address their learning needs. In 2018-2019, in addition to the Parallel English programme, and Cambridge English programme, our enriched programmes will include the Parallel Maths Programme, Mandarin Programme, Computering Programme, STEM Progarmme, Leadership Programme, LAMDA Programme and etc.

In addition to a wide range of courses, Saturday School holds a number of information sessions for parents. We hope you and your children will enjoy your educational journey at Harrow Beijing Saturday School.