A pathway to study in Harrow

Saturday School provides a pathway for prospective students to study in Harrow Beijing. Saturday School provides students with reference letters, most of which are written by Harrow teachers who teach at Saturday School. The excellent Saturday School students will be recommended to the Admissions team if there are vacancies in Harrow Beijing. Students who are going to apply to Harrow Beijing are encouraged to study in a series of Parallel Classes which are specifically designed for prospective students and follow the Harrow Beijing curriculum.

1.Harrow Parallel Classes

Harrow Parallel Classes aim to help prospective students follow a similar curriculum to that which is taught at Harrow Beijing, so that they may be fully prepared should opportunities to join the School arise.

Y1 Parallel Phonics Classes (3 hours/ week)

This course is designed to teach children to read and write using synthetic phonics, which is widely recognised as the most effective way to teach children to read and write in English. It enables beginning readers to decode new written words by sounding them out, or, in phonics terms, blending the sound-spelling patterns.


Parallel English Classes (3 hours/ week)

The Parallel English Classes are designed for different age groups (3-12). Applicants must submit the application form of Harrow Beijing, and pass the entry test to get a place in the Parallel English Classes. The Lower School parallel courses focus on language acquisition and literacy, and the Upper School parallel courses focus on productive skills, including speaking and writing.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Parallel English Classes.


Parallel Maths Classes(2 hours/week)

The Parallel Maths Classes are designed for students from age 9-12. Applicants must submit the application form of Harrow Beijing, and pass the entry test to get a place in the Parallel Maths Classes.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Parallel Maths Classes.

parallel maths classes

2.Cambridge English YLE/KET/PET/FCE (3 hours/ week)

As Saturday School’s core English course, Cambridge English has helped many Harrow and non-Harrow students reach their expected level of English. All students from age 5 to 15 can find a Cambridge English class to match their current level. Entrance test is required.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Cambridge English.


3.Parents’ English Classes (2 hours/ week)

Given the high demand for parent English classes, Saturday School is happy to offer these classes again from September 2018. The course aims to improve parents’ general spoken English ability and confidence. We will introduce aspects of British culture and also help parents to understand the direction of international education. We will explore also how parents can work in partnership with Harrow to support their child’s education and prepare them for exciting study and career opportunities - both in China and beyond - in the future.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Parents’ English Classes.


4.STEM Classes (2 hours/ week)

The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in STEM. It is a vast academic and professional field that includes Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Math and all its derivations. It is a very important part of K-12 education and is receiving great amounts of attention all over the world. The STEM programme we offer has been recognized by many American middle schools and put into use. It is also recognized by British Children 's University, and adopted by Australia's New South Wales Education Hall and already applied to many famous Australian schools.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the STEM Classes.


5.LAMDA Classes (2 hours/ week)

For over 150 years, LAMDA has been promoting public speaking, developing Drama and nurturing talent and inspiring artists across the globe. The skills learnt in LAMDA are recognized worldwide and learners gain UCAS points from Grade 5. Pupils develop a clear speaking voice, positive body language and self-confidence by exploring different uses of spoken English, in addition to gaining UCAS points. At Harrow School Beijing, we believe that succeeding in LAMDA examinations demonstrates your child has met a rigorous assessment criteria, can public speak but also that they have grown as individuals through participating in a worthwhile activity that is respected as a global standard. Course lead by Danielle Byrne, Director of LAMDA at Harrow Beijing.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the LAMDA Classes.


6. Creative English Writing Classes(Y4-5/Y6-7) (3 hours/week)

Creative Writing course is designed to introduce students to a wide range of writers, stories, prose and poetic forms. It will help young people build confidence in expressing themselves through artistic writing, short stories and poems. Students will gain a deeper appreciation of recognized literary works. We will investigate the stories they wish to tell and the statements that they wish to make. Most importantly this is a dynamic activity that will improve written and spoken English in an exciting, valuable and fun way.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Creative Writing Class



Students have the choice to study at Harrow Saturday School for half a day or a full day. The following featured courses are available in addition to the above courses:

7.Individualized Learning Plan

Some of our students at Saturday School wish to improve their English language ability to enter Harrow Beijing or other international schools within a short time frame. They each have different individual learning needs, and, therefore, the main Saturday School classes are not enough to help them to achieve their goals in the short-term. Saturday School will help these students to develop a personal learning plan with clearly stated outcomes by offering one-to-one tuition for students with such needs. Students and parents can decide if they would like to have two, four, or more hours of one-to-one tuition from Monday to Saturday, at appropriate times. For detailed information please contact Saturday School directly.


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