A pathway to study in Harrow

Saturday School provides a pathway for prospective students to study in Harrow Beijing. Since April 2016, students are able to take the full Harrow Beijing admission tests at Saturday School and if they pass they will be recommended to the Admissions team if there are vacancies in Harrow Beijing. Saturday School will also provide students with reference letters, most of which are written by Harrow teachers who teach at Saturday School. Students who are going to apply to Harrow Beijing are encouraged to study in a series of Parallel Classes which are specifically designed for prospective students and follow the Harrow Beijing curriculum.

1. Harrow Parallel Classes (3 hours)

Harrow Parallel Classes aim to help prospective students follow a similar curriculum to that which is taught at Harrow Beijing, so that they may be prepared language-wise should opportunities to join the School arise.

The Parallel Classes are designed for different age groups (3-14) and non-Harrow students who are aged 8 or over by August 31st must sit the full admissions test to apply for a place in the Parallel Classes. The Lower School parallel courses focus on language acquisition and literacy, and the Upper School parallel courses focus on productive skills, including speaking and writing.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Parallel Classes




2. Taking Steady Steps towards IELTS 7 through the Cambridge English course

IELTS and Cambridge English are both developed by Cambridge English Language Assessment, and the Cambridge English levels take students step by step towards IELTS 7 and above. As Saturday School’s core English course, Cambridge English has helped many Harrow and non-Harrow students reach their expected level of English and achieve IELTS 7 for when they apply to universities.

Please find the detailed course descriptions for the Cambridge English Classes here.



3. More Choices

Students have the choice to study at Harrow Saturday School for half a day or a full day. The following courses are available in addition to the English courses:

Parents’ English Classes (2 hours)

Many parents have expressed their will to improve their English with the purpose to better understand the Harrow system and communicate with the School. From August 2016, Saturday School started to offer students’ parents English classes for Beginners, Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels. We hope these classes will help parents to foster a stronger community with Harrow Beijing, and to support their children’s learning in partnership with the School.


Mandarin Classes (1.5-2 hours)

To address the learning needs of our students and also cater to the high demand for additional Mandarin classes, Saturday School has started to offer Mandarin classes. These classes are targeted at students of different age groups and different abilities for Native Speakers of Chinese


Individualized Learning Plan

Some of our students at Saturday School wish to improve their English language ability to enter Harrow Beijing or other international schools within a small time frame. They each have different individual learning needs, and, therefore, the main Saturday School classes are not enough to help them to achieve their goals in the short-term. Saturday School will help these students to develop a personal learning plan with clearly stated outcomes by offering one-to-one tuition for students with such needs. Students and parents can decide if they would like to have two, four, or more hours of one-to-one tuition from Monday to Saturday, at appropriate times. For detailed information please contact Saturday School directly.Saturday School One to One Tutoring Application Form

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