Wang Meng's Visit and Book Week

Book Week 2017 was another raving success! We celebrated literacy and reading with our book week theme of 'Reading Takes You Places'. We had so many adventures and much fun together through the activities and competitions, and gained knowledge, experience and lots of prizes! To close Book Week, Mr Wang Meng, the famous Chinese author, visited Harrow Beijing and delivered a lecture on "Facing Challenges with Determination" to our students. Through telling his own life story, Mr Wang shared his value of "Life is full of challenges both in success and failure. The most important thing is to face it" with humorous language and wise opinions. His wisdom and sense of humor made a stir in the audience. After the lecture, some literature lovers talked with Mr Wang in depth on their published writings, as well as their understanding of literature and life. Mr Wang shared his interesting experiences in Xinjiang and around the world with students. What is more, his attitude and enthusiasm about learning inspired us a lot. Lastly, Mr Wang recommended numerous works of literature, as well as sharing his own reading experience with the students. We believe that our students left with a deeper understanding of what to read and how to read in this day and age.

Harrow Beijing Students Sharing Their Opinions after the Lecture

Mr Wang Meng's Lecture at Harrow Beijing