2018 Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations

With the lead up to the Mid-Autumn Festival, Harrow Beijing has hosted a series of Chinese cultural activities over the last week of September. These activities ranged from a poetry reading competition to moon cake cooking workshops, all with a Mid-Autumn festival theme. This has been made possible with the organization of the Zhi Li Society, the Mandarin department and the China Study department whose aim is to impart the cultural meaning behind the "Mid-Autumn Festival" to the students. In the moon cake cooking workshop, some special mooncakes decorated with a Harrow motif were made by pupils, which helped them to experience the traditional methods of making food and understand the concept of sharing and family in Chinese culture in a fun way. Apart from the exciting moon cake making workshop, The School's Chinese culture society, 'Zhi Li' society, invited all students and parents to join the competition of 'Reading Poetry with the Family', hoping it would help the students understand the deeper value of the Mid-Autumn Festival by contributing a poem regarding the Moon with their families.