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2019 Lower School PD Week

From 13 May to 17 May, Harrow Beijing Lower School held their annual Personal Development Week. Throughout the week, all students from Pre-Nursery to Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in various trips and activities in their Year Groups. These included experiencing the wonders of a traditional Beijing culture trip, testing and building character strength, visiting museums, camping deep in the mountains and partaking in exciting water sports. All the activities helped our students to develop their leadership and teamwork skills.

Year 2 invited folk experts to visit them with the incredible Chinese intangible cultural heritage item, the dragonfly kite. The pupils had the opportunity to experience the process of kite making. What is more, the Senior Management Team also participated in the project and completed the kite by painting the eyes of the dragon. With the help of experts, teachers and parents, the dragonfly kites fluttered in the wind, leaving our pupils with unforgettable memories of the summer.

Year 4 and 5 students set off to Beidaihe for a sailing trip, with exciting boating activities at the glorious beach in the sunshine! The students participated in a range of awesome water sports activities, including kayaks, stand-up paddle boards (SUP) and sailing on a range of different yachts and watercraft. The trip leader, Mr Leary, said that learning in a completely new environment significantly helped the students to develop their independence and curiosity. It also challenges their collaboration skills by sailing through teamwork.

In the warm sunshine, the oil painting activities held by the City Campus provided the children with a chance to create the colours of summer. The pupils from Nursery learnt about the textures of different types of canvas and painting brushes, and how they work with each other. They also had the opportunity to practice turning their creative ideas into real artwork. Working in groups, pupils from Reception learnt basic architectural knowledge by participating in a tent building activity. These artistic tents made of colourful cloth and paper will definitely become one of the best memories this summer for the young ones; a little secret garden that will always stay in children's mind.

During the PD week, it was pleasant to see that all of the students showed their independence, responsibilities and leadership in a wide range of disciplines. Well done to the little Harrovians!