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ACAMIS Football Tournament

Every year Harrow Beijing attend the ACAMIS Tournaments and compete within our three core sports, Basketball, Volleyball and Football. This year, between the 18th and 20th of April, it was a great honour for us to host the ACAMIS Football 2019 Tournament.

Around 200 students from 8 International schools around China and Mongolia had the opportunity to develop their teamwork, social, leadership and technical skills. Every game was played at a high intensity with some amazing talent and effort on show. We would like to congratulate all of the participating schools, coaches and athletes who competed at this event.

As the host of the football tournament, we felt this year extra special for our school. Prior to the event, a 'Support the Lions' campaign was created, which aimed to use football as a vehicle to build community spirit and support within the school. We also created posters of our students around the school to raise the profile of the event and them as squad members. Our US and LS Sports and playground leaders were present throughout and helped this tournament run smoothly. The US Leaders helped with the organization, looking after other schools and ensuring the games stayed to schedule, whilst our LS students were the balls boys and girls on a rotation - a role they took very seriously. Anytime a ball went out of play, they threw a new ball in to ensure the games kept its fluidity so we were able to maximize the playing time of each game. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the student helpers and parents for their commitment over the three days.

Although we didn't win a trophy, our teams played some excellent football and developed well as the tournament went on.

'I would say we had the best football played in ACAMIS throughout the whole football season. There are some improvements that we can make in the future but this event definitely helped us gain experiences as a team,' said Samantha H Year 12.

'After training and every game we played, everyone was more enthusiastic about football and looking forward to developing their skills to help the team. For our midfielders and strikers, this year was a lot more short passes between them which provided a lot of chance for the team, rather than focusing on personal skills, they ran to spaces to help each other out,' said Claire D Year 11.

Two of our players, Samantha H and Kevin S were selected by the other competing teams to represent the All-Star Tournament team. This is a fantastic achievement and it highlights the excellence demonstrated by these two students. Congratulations to Samantha and Kevin.

The All-star tournament team - is a selection of the best players of the tournament from all the teams which is voted for by the opposition players and coaches.