Beijing International Schools' University Fair

Harrow Beijing successfully hosted the Beijing International Schools' University Fair on 19 Oct. Welcoming over 100 universities from 14 countries, the event held a series of insightful workshops in support of prospective university students and discussions on trends within the higher education industry.

'Many of our students still choose the traditional destinations of the US or the UK, but the trend for students to head to other countries is growing particularly owing to an increase in degree programs being taught in English. Today we have 14 countries represented at the fair, including many from continental European universities. We have nine universities from the Netherlands alone. One of our seminar topics was on Studying in the Netherlands.' said Paul Rispin, Director of Six Form and Careers at Harrow Beijing.

During the fair, students and university representatives conducted in-depth communication for university applications. Harrow Beijing Year 12 student Caitlin Y said that during the event, she realized the commonalities and differences in the entrance requirements of different universities. 'For example, I realized that the A-Level results are so important that good academic performance is truly popular with every university,' she said. Caitlin is particularly passionate about social sciences, literature, and language. During her studies at Harrow Beijing, she received great support from her teachers to help her develop the skills in these areas, while also trying to challenge Chinese stereotypes in Western culture. Hence, Caitlin and other students highly impressed the university representatives with their fluent English and confident manner.

John Shen, Chair of Duke AAAC China, met a number of interesting candidates at the fair who were interested in Duke University. He said that at Duke University, they look at the following characteristics of the undergraduate applicants: Maturity, Independence, Creativity, Initiative, and Responsibility – all of which coincide with the Harrow Beijing's leadership attributes.

For parents who attended the fair, it not only provided them opportunities to talk to top universities face to face, but also helped them with choosing their children's university destinations. Mr. Lin said that because of his lack of knowledge about the curriculum and culture of different countries, he has been worrying about his child's higher education. 'Through this university fair, I have got a general understanding of the overall curriculum, teaching and culture of universities in different countries, and it is a good reference for me to choose my child's university destination,' he said.