China Thinks Big Results

China Thinks Big (CTB) is a social entrepreneurship competition and conference organized by the Harvard College Association for U.S. - China Relations. It encourages high school students to devise innovative solutions to social issues in China.

The 2017-2018 China Thinks Big national final was held from 8th March to 11th March. Nearly 1000 competing teams were challenged on hundreds of topics with a focus on social issues raised by scholars from the world's top universities. We had two teams representing Harrow Beijing. One of the teams, 'So Genius', reached the first round of the national final with their topic, 'The Nudge Theory and Behavioral Economics as a Means to Protect the Oceans'. Harrow Beijing's other team, 'A Gift of Life', was awarded the overall third place prize with their topic, 'How Culture May Influence People's Attitudes towards Organ Donation', and shortlisted for the global final in the United States! The competition is aimed at high school students and most of the CTB participants were high school senior students but some were also university students. It is a particular point of pride for the school that 'A Gift of Life' achieved such outstanding results as all their members are from Year 9 and Year 10.

The 'A Gift of Life' members, Tina and Sherry were proud of reaching the final on this their very first attempt at the competition. The success that Harrow Beijing teams achieved reflects the team members' strong sense of responsibility and dedication to the project. The students also learnt to face challenges with determination, time management skills and self-control while completing this project.