Harrow Leads the World

We are honored to announce that both Harrow Beijing and Harrow Bangkok were shortlisted for the 2018 British International School Awards!

The British International School Awards were launched to recognize excellence in British schools overseas, celebrate the success of the sector and help set benchmarks in best practice. In the 2018 awards, there are two schools from the Harrow family being shortlisted, Harrow Beijing for "Outstanding Community Initiative" and Harrow Bangkok for both "Outstanding Community Initiative" and "Outstanding Strategic Initiative".

Service is integral to Harrow Beijing's school mission, "Leadership for a Better World". All children are encouraged to participate in service activities. In the 2018 British International School Awards, Harrow Beijing is shortlisted in "Outstanding Community Initiative" for the An Min School Community Initiative since 2016.

The An Min Primary Schools have been established across Beijing to provide education for children of immigrant workers. In 2016, Harrow Beijing donated books and school supplies to the An Min school in our district. Harrow teachers and students attended a ceremony to thank the school for this gift. The pilot programme began in 2017 with 12 students coming from An Min each Tuesday to improve their English and participate in activities typical of a British International School, and 12 students from Harrow Beijing acting as their big brothers and sisters as well as teaching them English. The scheme has been a great success and we are now expanding to three groups of 36 An Min students with an equal number of Harrow Beijing students. We are providing 'teacher training programmes' for the Harrow students and this voluntary service activity is oversubscribed. At first the An Min students were notably reserved but as the student-centred activities progressed, in the form of competitions between mixed groups of students from the two schools, it was clear that when pursuing a task-based activity all of the students would forget their diverse backgrounds and give each other a "high five" to celebrate an achievement.

At Harrow, "Contributing positively to community" serves as one of the six attributes of "Leadership for a better world". We believe that community service doesn't only benefit students' social development but also develops their understanding of leadership. In the future, the Harrow global family will continuously provide high quality education and positive social influence, to fulfill our mission—Leadership for a better world.