Lower School Den Day

On 4th May the Lower School held their annual Den Day activity successfully. The children learnt about the social and geographical issues that can lead to homelessness and the need to construct houses out of recyclable and easy-to-source materials, as well as raised awareness of child homelessness.

Initiated by the UK charity organization, Save the Children, the idea behind Den Day is to use a fun and creative activity to learn about a very serious world-wide issue – Children's right. After bringing in materials donations - boxes, bamboo, string, etc., the Lower School Houses built six magnificent and resourceful dens on Friday morning. Led by Year 3 students, all the children from Pre-Nursery through to Year 5 took part in the 'Dengineering'. In order to get ready for the day and be better leaders, the Year 3 class went through an extensive program of Leadership, Collaboration, Communication and Engineering workshops.

Den Day was an amazing adventure for the children, and as well as having lots of educational fun by developing their understanding of community, charity, responsibility and creativity.