Lower School Transition Day

On 5 June, the Lower School welcomed many visitors, including children and parents for its 'Transition Day'. The new families who will join the school in August were invited to come to our beautiful campus and have a 'preview' of their future life in the upcoming academic year. The Year 1 pupils from City Campus also came to the Main Campus for their transition to the Year 2 in August.

The Head of Lower School, Ms. Davey, delivered a welcoming speech and introduced the senior management team of Lower School to the new parents. The speech also explained the operation of Lower School. Meanwhile, the children joined different classrooms to experience one day of a little Harrovian's life. Our current students also transitioned to their next experience, 'A day in an upgraded class'.

In English class, the 'story time' was most certainly one of the most alluring activities. Throughout the recital of the story, multiple questions were posed by the teacher to encourage engagement and critical thinking. Instead of listening to the teacher passively, the students discovered their own answers while developing their English abilities. In the computer room, some older students took part in various educational games and enjoyed the excitement offered by technology. Ms. Li, the Lower School Head of Mandarin, visited every year group to introduce what students can expect to learn in their Mandarin classes next year.

Apart from the Pre-Prep Phase, pupils who are joining Early Years were also invited to both Main Campus and City Campus on Transition Day. Following games, snacks and fun, our youngest Harrovians forgot about their nerves and anxiety, and bravely took the first step on their learning journey.

It is often seen that young learners suffer from anxiety and worries when entering a new learning environment. The Transition Day aims to help children become familiar with the learning environment and their teachers, so that they feel secure, loved and happy at Harrow Beijing. It was also an opportunity to give parents an insight into how the children learn and play in our classroom settings. In the following academic year, the pupils will experience much more. We are looking forward to seeing happy pupils thrive in a proud and caring environment that allows children to develop the necessary skills to become the leaders of the future.