New School Bus Service

To fulfil our commitment for the health and safety of Harrow Beijing students, we are proud to announce that Harrow's new school bus service will be available from the next academic year. The new buses have improved features to ensure the health and safety of Harrow Beijing students.

General Features

  • 2 Sizes of School Bus: 24 Seats and 37 Seats;
  • No Journey Longer Than 1 Hour on Normal Conditions;
  • Design of Yellow Buses with Harrow Beijing Logo;
  • Heating and Air Conditioning System.

Safety Features

  • Card Swiping & Passengers Status Alert;
  • Safety Belt;
  • Fire Extinguisher/ Escape Hammer/ First Aid;
  • Escape Door;
  • Emergency Plan;
  • Parking Sign;
  • Air Purification System;
  • Ventilation Devices;
  • CCTV;
  • Travel Recording Function;
  • Mandatory Check Button;
  • Checks on Drivers/ Company;
  • Intellectual Real Time Monitoring System.