Prep Production The Witches

On 1st March, Prep students successfully staged their annual English production 'The Witches', based on the classic children's novel by Roald Dahl. During the production, our students transformed into evil and scary witches, resourceful and brave mice, and took on supporting roles such as chefs, maids and sailors. Their performances brought alive a story of love and courage.

Apart from the actors performing on stage, there were also a number of students working behind the scenes. Tasks such as lighting, sound effects, choreography, props, make-up, costumes and stage setting were all designed and completed by the students independently.

At Harrow Beijing, we believe that drama, an important part of holistic education, not only develops a clear speaking voice and positive body language, but also enhances students' confidence and determination when facing challenges. Curtains have fallen on The Witches but students will advance on their journey of drama learning. Harrow Beijing will continue to offer high-quality education to fulfill our mission - Leadership for a Better World.