The Harrow Arrow at BMF

Harrow Beijing teachers: Mr Shelley and Mr Wade and a dedicated team of students have been extremely busy this term building and testing an F24 electric racing car in preparation for their first Greenpower race, which was held on the 1st October at the British Motorsport Festival (BMF).

The excited race crew were extremely proud in getting their F24 ready for the race and their hard work paid off handsomely with the team going on to win the race!

The team's first race was a thrilling experience and required them to work quickly and collaboratively, especially in the pits. Congratulations to Kevin, Roger, Richard, Oscar, Simon, Aya, Lorcan, Paul, James, Oliver and Daisy!

Jim James, the Founder and Chairman of the BMF, added his congratulations to the team; "Harrow took the Greenpower Challenge to heart, I believe that Harrow Beijing was the first international school in China to own an F24, and were extremely pro-active in their support of the British Motorsport Festival for which I am grateful. I congratulate the Harrow staff and students for an elegantly designed F24, and on their win at the BMF. I am very keen to see their progress and look forward to seeing the Harrow Pit Crew and Race Team at the next British Motorsport Festival."

International School Beijing

International School Beijing