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Well-Being Week

From 29 October to 2 November, Harrow Beijing had its first Well-Being Week, aiming to promote the focus of World Mental Health Day 2019: Youth in a Changing World. During the Week, students, staff and parents all had the opportunity to participate in a variety of Well-Being activities and also learn more about various topics directly related to Well-Being.

During the Week, children in Lower School were given the opportunity to engage in a range of activities highlighting a daily theme. 'Nutrition and Health' was one of the themes. In the 'Harrow Cubs' series of comics produced last year, how to eat healthily is a big challenge for one of the cubs, Ryan. Being able to choose healthy food independently is one of the manifestations of Making Just Choices for a child. During the Well-Being Week, the teachers designed a series of activities and workshops on balanced nutrition, and discussed with the students questions closely related to children's lives such as 'Why sugary drinks are unhealthy? What is a healthy drink? What should you drink in your daily life?' At the same time, the Master of Football, Mr. Hylton, organized the 'Healthy You' morning, using the nutrition pyramid as an example to explain how to balance nutrition, why to eat which foods and encourage students to design a healthy and balanced meal for themselves. Closely integrated with eating habits is the topic of dental health. In this activity, children have become 'little dentists', to understand the hazards and causes of dental problems, and to learn the correct method of brushing teeth. Ms Daley, one of the event organizers, said that designing different activities for different age groups enabled the staff to install wellbeing practices in even our youngest students. Wellbeing is key to every other aspect of children's development and has a lifelong lasting impact on how they grow into well rounded resilient young people.

In addition to physical health, mental health is also one of the themes of the Well-Being Week. With the teachers' guidance, pupils were provided with opportunities to know themselves through activities such as yoga and a self-esteem survey. The yoga activity provided pupils with a chance to feel their own breath in the quiet classroom and the 'Self-esteem' activity helped the children to learn self-acceptance by discovering their own advantages. In the 'Thank You Notes' activity, the students wrote thank you letters to people around them which helped them to create healthy and positive relationships. There was also a fun lesson called 'Making a Brain', making children aware of the complexity and wonders of the human mind.

Besides the activities organized for the students, a range of workshops were delivered to the parents with support from external professionals. Ms Buchanan, one of the organizers of Well-Being Week, said that the family-friendly boxing classes, Pilates, yoga, family movie nights and other exciting activities happening throughout the week brought the community together. 'In addition to this, some parent-friendly activities such as Mindfulness and Understanding and Managing Stress and Supporting Your Child also provided our parents with opportunities to know how to help their children and to create a healthy and positive family educational environment from a new perspective.' She continued by saying, 'We hope this successful week has left everyone feeling a little more relaxed, happy and motivated!'