Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is a vital component of our work at Harrow Beijing. We aim to embody the principle of ‘Leadership for a better world’ through the development of the leadership capacities of staff in all departments and roles.

We seek to be a true learning community, supporting not only our students but also our staff to be reflective, collecting feedback that helps us accurately identify the strengths we can share and build on, and the areas we can develop further. All this is done collaboratively so that we learn as a community.

Regular observations lead to coaching conversations about areas to ‘think about’ to secure even stronger learning. Outstanding practice is shared through a regular CPD programme as well as optional mini INSETs on areas of interest. All members of staff choose an area for action research and time is devoted to exploring new L&T strategies, collecting evidence of impact and sharing areas that are demonstrated to work in our context.

Colleagues in our Admin and Support Teacher teams enjoy dedicated training budgets which are used to secure high quality opportunities that are tailored to the challenges of their roles. Whenever possible academic and admin staff share learning opportunities as we build a single, strong, learning community.

We send colleagues on courses across Asia and beyond, in particular making use of peer learning opportunities with colleagues in the same role in other schools. We buy in and host experts in areas that are of interest to significant numbers and we lead training for local government and in collaboration with schools in the region.

A key area of focus is the development of middle and senior leadership. We support colleagues attaining the internationally recognised NPQML and NPQSL qualifications, with a certified facilitator from the staff team. We also develop all middle leaders via a coaching programme.

At the moment we are working on the use of ICT to support professional learning, via real time remote classroom coaching, using videos to collaboratively review learning and teaching, and through use of the VLE for staff as well as students. This area of the school’s work is always developing; we commit a full time SLT role to CPD in order to ensure every member of Harrow staff grows professionally during their time at the school.