Close Personal Tutoring

Close personal tutoring is at the heart of the Harrow philosophy. As one of the four strategic aims of the School, close personal tutoring will be fundamental in providing a world-class education, environment and experience for each and every student.

The ethos of close personal tutoring is based on our aim of ensuring that each student has a member of staff who is holistically responsible for him or her whilst at school. We aim to offer each student and individual a personalised level of care, support and direction. By offering an effective programme of tutor time, personal development time as well as a wide range of House events, close personal tutoring allows each student at Harrow Beijing to develop a comprehensive array of skills and talents.

Close personal tutoring will ensure staff are able to take an active role in the tracking, monitoring, and intervention of students, which will in turn offer a supportive environment for them to flourish academically.