Four Strategic Aims

These four areas are how we as a school community put into practice our mission statement of Leadership for a better world. We believe through realising and enhancing the Four Strategic Aims, the School is able to cultivate leadership amongst our students.

History and Tradition

Every student is part of a global Harrow family.
Every student has the opportunity to contribute to the tradition of Harrow.
We honour our connection to the Harrow family through shared symbols, terminology and a commitment to a high quality education.

We are an Academic School

We are academically selective.
We support every student in achieving academic excellence.
Our students go on to the world’s top universities.
We celebrate academic achievement.
All English as Additional Language learners will achieve native English fluency levels.

Holistic Education

Every student will develop a portfolio of participation, passions and interests through our Leadership in Action Activities.
Every student will be encouraged to develop values, morals and conduct in line with the traditions of Harrow and befitting global citizenship.
Every student will be encouraged to be an active and concerned member of our school, local and global communities.

Close Personal Tutoring

Every student will be known by a key staff member.
Every student will have a personalised academic profile to support academic achievement.
Every student will develop leadership attributes through an extensive range of activities.