Early Years

The children within our Early Years are aged between 2 and 5. The Harrow Early Years Curriculum is the start of each child’s own learning journey and is designed to build the foundations of their learning in a safe, supportive and caring environment filled with opportunities to explore and learn.

Learning at Harrow Beijing is fun, exciting and inviting, with all children learning through purposeful play and hands on activities. We offer a broad curriculum linked through topics to provide opportunities for the children to extend experiences and further their learning and knowledge. Languages, Music and Sport are key parts of the experience with PE, Music and Mandarin being taught by Specialist Teachers.

Above all, in every area we encourage independence, enquiring minds, imagination, creativity, self-confidence and communication. We treat every child as an individual and believe that happy children are better equipped to learn.

We base our curriculum on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, but we also believe in a flexible approach adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of our individual and international children. Flexibility is key - especially if that means taking a break for purposeful play in the first snow of the year or to admire a rainbow! The high adult to pupil ratio in the classrooms allows an individualised approach to the education of our youngest pupils.