Pupils enter the Pre-Prep phase in Year 1 and remain part of the phase until they complete Year 5. In the Pre-Prep phase pupils are assigned a Class Teacher who teaches many of the core lessons. Depending on the year group, this is supplemented by teaching from Specialist Teachers in subject areas such as Drama, Art, Music, Mandarin, Computing and PE.

We believe in a flexible approach adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of our individual and international children. The core subjects of Maths and English are distinct subjects and taught separately in the Pre-Prep phase, but they also often link to specific units of work. Units themselves are normally connected with subjects such as History, Geography, Art and Design Technology. Depending on the curriculum area being studied, Science may either be studied as a distinct subject or closely linked with the unit of work. Computing features in all areas of the curriculum as well as being a skill-based lesson in its own right.

Above all, in every area we encourage our pupils to question, to investigate, to be creative and to have the self-confidence to communicate with their peers and teachers. Our goal is to inspire the love of learning, which will carry them from Pre-Prep to Upper School and beyond.