Senior School

Our curriculum in Year 9 is designed to build on the learning and skills students have developed in the Prep Phase, and equip them for success in public examinations. Many of our courses take themes and skills from IGCSE, which provides a strong bridge into Year 10.

During Year 9, all students will begin their IGCSE Science courses. In Year 10 and Year 11 students follow the GCSE, and/or IGCSE courses. GCSE and IGCSE provide a curriculum and methods of assessment appropriate for a wide ability range. They have been designed as two-year programmes, which lead to internationally recognised and valued accreditation. All GCSE and IGCSE courses are at the same level and of the same value. Which course is chosen is based on the needs of students in our school. The School has received accreditation from Edexcel, AQA and CIE Examination Boards.

Any courses that students undertake in Year 10 will carry on through Year 11; students do not change courses between Years 10 and 11.

Besides communicative, investigative and practical skills, our teachers are also teaching essential learning skills in each and every lesson. Behaviour for Learning is a carefully graded set of skills that Harrow students develop over their time in the school. Unlike traditional models, it sets out very clearly the exact learning behaviours that students need to master to move on to the next level. In this way students from a wide range of different national backgrounds can be prepared for the requirements of the international education system.