Security and Safety

The School strives to offer the highest level of security and safety for our students, community and visitors to Harrow Beijing.

When visiting the campus, all parents/guardians must sign in at the front gate, sign the safeguarding statement and wear their parent badge, clearly visible, before entering the School building. As a courtesy, and for security reasons, it is vital that the appropriate staff members are informed of an intended visit. All visitors are asked to sign out.

Parents are permitted into the main reception area, and the reception areas in both the Pre Prep and Early Years buildings. Unless invited specifically by staff, parents are not permitted into classroom corridors or other areas of the School facility. It is important that congregating parents do not disturb the lessons or learning of the students during school hours. Parents are welcome to come to the School and support their children in organised games, sports or other activities by invitation only.

No vehicles are permitted on School grounds with the exception of authorised Early Years parents/guardians only; other parents are not permitted to bring their cars onto the School campus. The flow of traffic around the campus is strictly managed to ensure the safety of the students.

There are bathroom facilities and a parent lounge located in the reception area. Visitors are requested not to use students bathroom facilities.

All visitors are expected to respect the Schools non-smoking policy. Smoking is strictly prohibited on the school site.