The Emperor Writes Back


In the early 1990s many of the literary prizes for English Literature were won by writers from the former British Empire. Examples included Michael Ondaatje from Canada, Peter Carey from Australia and Salman Rushdie from India. Salman Rushdie used the phrase ‘The Empire Writes Back’ to describe this period. In naming this oratory festival ‘The Emperor writes back’ Harrow Beijing wishes to recognise the many Chinese voices who have addressed the world in English, allowing many people to better understand and appreciate the depth and beauty of Chinese culture. A fine tradition that we hope our students will continue and contribute to in the future.

The Emperor Writes back is a two-day oratory festival where participants will compete in three different categories:

  • Speaking in Public
  • Reading for Performance
  • Prose and Poetry

Each competitor will receive a certificate of participation and a goodie bag provided by the British Council.

Finalists will receive Medals and there will be a winning trophy for each of the different categories.

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Mrs. Danielle Byrne

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