Summer Programme

In the summer of 2018, Harrow Beijing ran a very successful inaugural summer programme. it was wonderful to see the students growing in confidence and their ability to use English, becoming good team players, work hard towards school expectations, and performing a show in front of their parent audience at the end of the programme. Many of the students from the summer programme are now continuing to flourish as Harrow students this year.

In their classes, young students learnt Phase 1 and Phase 2 Phonics, basic Maths when immersed in English, and followed a Harrow Beijing school topic in reading and writing; while older students worked hard on their productive skills in English through group discussion, debating, in class practice and project work. It was gratifying to see all the students who went through the Summer School were able to learn English with Harrow Beijing teachers and experience an authentic Harrow Beijing education.

In 2020, we will integrate Sport and leadership classes into the curriculum and continue to offer a unique Harrow experience with a focus on English.

For younger students, Sports classes will be offered. As many of you know, sports are much valued in international education. Young people grow socially, emotionally and physically through sports activities. This reflects Harrow Beijing’s philosophy of developing the whole child through holistic education.

For older students, youth leadership classes will be launched. At Harrow Beijing, we are committed to providing opportunities for your children to learn, lead and serve in order to fulfill our vision, Leadership for a better world. The Leadership class will provide our students the opportunity to build a strong pathway to Harrow Beijing, and even to University and beyond.

These featured courses reflect Harrow Beijing’s philosophy of developing the whole child through holistic education. All of the leadership and Sports classes will be instructed by qualified English speaking coaches so the students will be immersed in English while developing all the skills with professional coaches! Come and join us for an exciting summer!