Harrow Ducker 2022

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Harrow Ducker 2022

On 9 November, the Harrow Ducker was successfully held at Harrow Beijing to celebrate the 450th Anniversary of Harrow London and to demonstrate links to the rest of the Harrow family. As a classic sporting activity with a long history in Harrow, the Ducker encourages students to exercise, improve their physical strength, and to build a belief in themselves. By participating in these activities, students develop and engage the core values of Harrow while continuing to nurture their own pathways.

Tug of War

In the Tug of War, students in each House were put to the ultimate test of strength endurance  and teamwork, with the goal of pulling the rope across the line before the opposing team can do so.

Relay Races

Students in House teams participated in a variety of fun relay races, including some skiing-related activities, helping to demonstrate our link to Harrow Appi in Japan.  The teams needed to complete as many runs as they could via different settings within the allotted time frame.


Students worked both individually and in groups to gain points for their House by playing this popular Chinese sport.  The aim is to use the body (but not the hands) to maneuver the Jianzi into different target areas.

Walk/Muay Thai Fitness Challenges

Students undertook a host of different fitness activities such as running, skipping, punches, and speed jumps to complete a series of team challenges, all of which were characterised by Muay Thai training exercises, popular in Thailand, the location of our Harrow Bangkok sister school. In between these exercises, students embarked on a walking trail around and throughout the school, completing a series of obstacles and challenges that represent the Victoria Peak hike  in Hong Kong.