Lantern Festival Celebrations

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Lantern Festival Celebrations
Lantern Festival Celebrations

We were excited to welcome all of our students and teachers back to school, and as part of Lantern Festival and school reopening celebrations, Harrow Beijing organized a series of cultural activities to celebrate new year and reunion.

Early Years to Year 1

Festive vibes were in abundance at City Campus, where various cultural activities were taking place. Early Years to Year 1 children engaged in activities such as paper-cutting, handcrafting and guessing lantern riddles throughout the week, experiencing the charm of traditional Chinese culture in a joyful atmosphere.

Lower School

Lower School students crafted lanterns and cards to express their best wishes to friends and loved ones. In addition, activities such as pitch-pot and shuttlecock games were popular with everyone. Guessing teachers' names from photographs taken when they were babies was a special lantern riddle which the students particularly enjoyed.

The lantern riddles and the way in which they required students to critically engage with the content were rather popular across both Lower School and Upper School, and it was wonderful to observe everyone taking part in this long-celebrated tradition. Students can also claim house points by guessing the right answer to their lantern riddles.

Upper School

Prep Head Boy and Head Girl shared their thoughts on the new term and sent their best wishes to the entire school community at assemblies. Students and teachers also performed the Jasmine Flower and Czardas to showcase their musical talent.

Making sticky rice dumplings is another regular activity we take part in at Lantern Festival each year, and students prepared some colorful sticky rice dumplings to share with their families.

Form tutors also led tutor group activities such as making the paper lanterns and a Lantern Festival Quiz.