Parent Activities

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Parent Activities

With the full resumption of post-COVID, in-school activities, last week Harrow Beijing was thrilled to be able to welcome our Year 2 to Year 5 parents to re-experience the fun of classroom interaction. Through participation in their child’s classes, parents were able to gain incredibly valuable insights into the teaching and learning activities which are being undertaken, while also seeing evidence of the outstanding progress being made by children across the Lower School.

Year 2 

After such long periods of time away from friendship groups and their teachers over the winter break, Year 2 students focused on ‘Re-establishing Relationships and Friendships’.  Parents and children engaged in activities such as Book Corner reading, English games table, crafting and colouring. They had a wonderful time re-energising and strengthening their relationships as a group.

Year 3 

Year 3 students learned about dinosaur fossils and constructed their own designed ‘fossils’ with their parents.

Year 4 

Year 4 students conducted a topic on ‘Explorers and Adventurers’ and studied the botanical artist Margaret Mee. Alongside their parents, students created their own sketches in Margaret Mee’s style.

Year 5

Year 5 students were engaging in their current topic entitled ‘The Holiday’. Children and parents had a captivating discussion about the impact of tourism on the human and geographical environment.