University Offers

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
University Offers

Perfectly timed with the arrival of the spring warmth and blossoming flowers, there has been wonderful news for the Harrow Beijing Class of 2023 who have received offers from University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Yale University and many others from the world’s top 100 universities and colleges.

'Alongside the strongest Oxbridge offers received earlier in the academic year, this has been repeated for US Ivy League universities with students in Year 13 receiving multiple offers from Yale, Berkley, Columbia and UCLA. This demonstrates that A Levels are highly effective qualifications for securing places in US universities and that Harrow Beijing has established the systems for supporting students in achieving it. We remain confident in sustaining improvement in the quality of the Harrow education that we deliver because of curriculum development and our pedagogical approaches.'

——Dr Ahmed Hussain, Governor of Harrow Beijing, Chief Education Officer of AISL

'I would like to extend my congratulations to our students for their recent exceptional university offers. These outcomes are no accident and are testament to the hard work of our students and teachers, and the support and guidance of our world class Sixth Form team, whose expertise and experience is second to none in China. We wish all of our Year 13 students the very best of luck in the upcoming A Level examinations and we can't wait to celebrate their successes at the Graduation Ceremony in June.'

——Mr Thomas Nolan, Head of Upper School

Student Voice

'My favorite thing about Harrow Beijing is the close-knit relationships everyone has with each other. Despite having a lot of people, Harrow Beijing doesn’t feel like an overwhelming school. There’s always someone out there to support you and talk to you. I feel like no one in school is out of place.'

—— Nik M A, received offer from Yale

'Harrow Beijing is very good at building my confidence in interacting with other people, I believe that the LAMDA program that Harrow promotes has really helped me. I started doing LAMDA when I joined Harrow in Year 5. At the time, I could barely speak English, LAMDA really helped me to gain the confidence to speak in front of the public, which was extremely helpful in the interview process for college application.'

——Dora W, received offer from University of California, Berkeley

Once again, congratulations to Harrow Beijing Class of 2023! We wish them all the best as they continue to pursue their dreams!