Upper School Sports Day

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Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Upper School Sports Day
Upper School Sports Day

In the beautiful spring sunshine and breeze, the highly anticipated  Upper School Sports Day kicked off! Traditional sports vs. Fun team sports.The students run, leap and sweat heartily. Show off your individual sports skills and in doing so fight for the honor of  your House!

Physical education has always been a very important part of an all round education at Harrow Beijing. Sports activities are integrated into the daily life of Harrow students. We are  committed to helping our students develop their core motor skills, team spirit and social and emotional management skills in collaboration with teachers and other students.

The participants displayed their strength in various sports. In the 800 meter race, the students tried their best to show their speed and endurance. Their performance in long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin and discus also showed athletes' strength and skills, and was greeted with the cheers of the parents and teachers watching the competition.

In addition to the traditional athletics events, the teachers also designed many novel and interesting competitions, such as the bucket relay, yoga football, "carrying water" race, the tug-of-war and many more. These projects not only test the students' athletic ability, but also demonstrate their intelligence and teamwork spirit. These energetic sports promote the friendship and communication between students and make everyone understand and respect each other more.

Congratulations to Churchill House!

“Honor and determination often rest with us Churchillians. Throughout this Sports Day, our House spirit was demonstrated thoroughly to the other Houses. This experience has fortified the bonds between each individual in Churchill. Only when the solidarity among each member in our House is as firm as a rock, can we achieve the ultimate success. Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to every Churchillian in our House ”.

——Vovo and Shirley, Churchill

“Sports Day is a much loved event in the school calendar. It provides an excellent opportunity for each House to promote House spirit and demonstrate the Harrow core values. Song Qing Ling did exceptionally well in all of the events throughout the day because they challenged themselves to try their very best, even in the events they were not so familiar with or  skilled at, and for that we are extremely proud of everyone. Excellent work Song Qing Ling and huge congratulations to all of the medal winners! Let's keep it up! ”

——Amy and Arina, Song Qing Ling

“Sports Day was the perfect event to unite the House as a whole and promote House spirit. It was pleasing to see everyone giving it their best shot and the sense of achievement when individuals received medals for their outstanding performances. I want to express gratitude to all staff that helped make  this come together. It truly was a precious experience,  especially after quite a challenging period for everybody.”

——Adrien, Ju Ching Chu

“Sports Day of 2023 went amazingly well. It is fabulous to see the enthusiasm from students and teachers in participating in various activities, especially after such a lengthy lockdown. This year, we have continued with the Harrow traditions, we are encouraged to take part in regular sports events such as the high jump and 800 meters run, as well as novelty sports  that were also welcomed by students. Throughout the day, teams from each House demonstrated excellent co-operation and brought several highlights with their incredible performances. It is a wonderful opportunity to boost students' sportsmanship and one of the many truly unforgettable  experiences for me at Harrow.”

——Christina, Kong Zi

“The Sports Day this year is not only fun as usual but also special and memorable for myself and our fellow Year 13 students since this would be our last at Harrow. As a member of the Curie House. We have demonstrated exceptional enthusiasm and incredible House spirit, giving remarkable performances and actively engaging in events so that we came second overall. But regardless of the result, I would like to genuinely appreciate the effort of all for leaving me with such wonderful memories.”

——Sally and Apple, Curie

Each student exemplified Harrow's core values: courage, honor, humility, and fellowship in the sports day. We hope that in the future study and life, students can take this positive sportsmanship, for their own life to create a better future.