A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Community Service

Community service is a one of the key educational values at Harrow Beijing. Guided by traditional Chinese values and moral concepts, as well as the Harrow values of courage, honour, humility, and fellowship, the school actively engages in community service initiatives. In the day-to-day nurturing of students, Harrow Beijing offers a variety of activities to help students gradually comprehend the significance of serving the community and assisting others. Students become the leaders which Harrow expects them to be through attending charity activities.  

Leveraging Bilingual Skills and Building Fellowship

Harrow Beijing has formed a long-term partnership with Anmin School for casual laborer's Children. Students from both schools build up strong friendships throughcontinuous communication and interaction. Harrow Beijing students, have learned to approach children growing up in different environments with empathy by assisting Anmin students in learning English and coaching them in football,. At the same time, Anmin students have gained increased confidence and curiosity, becoming more inclined to build connections with others and explore unknown areas.

Harrow Beijing students use to be the volunteers in different area though using their high-level bilingual skills Our students have previously offered voluntary translation services for charitable organizations in Cambodia and other countries. In April 2023, Year 11 and Year 12 students visited Yunwai Library in Feijia Village, where they engaged with community children in reading English books, learning the English song 'Colors of the Rainbow,' and participating in coloring games. Their role as volunteers aims to foster a culture of literacy and promote widespread reading within the community.

Developing Leadership in Charity

Harrow Beijing encourages students to address societal issues through charity. In 2022, student Terry L founded the 'Student Alliance Charity Team,' mobilizing fellow students to participate in philanthropic projects.

In June 2023, this team, in collaboration with the Beijing Le Yu Charity Foundation and the Beijing Public Safety Experience Center, organized the ‘Safety and Love’ charity event. Harrow Beijing students Terry L and Domi Z, with parental support, successfully engaged 52 students from nine schools. This initiative not only deepened students' awareness of safety issues but also channeled funds to support scholarships for underprivileged students in Hebei's Weichang County, enabling them to access education and improve their lives.

Terry expressed, ‘I believe we are all very fortunate. We have a beautiful school, loving families, plenty of books to read, enough to eat and wear, and the opportunity to travel. I hope all children around the world can have the same.’

Co-founder Domi also remarked, ‘this is my second time participating in such a charitable event, and as I see our team grow and our love expand, we are committed to continuing. We will use our love to warm the people around us and make our world a warmer place!’

Caring for Children in Need

In November 2022, during the online learning period, Harrow Beijing initiated a charitable activity known as the ‘Shoebox Gift’. The aim was to bring warmth to children in need. Students from Early Years to Year 13 gathered their unused clothes, daily necessities, books, and more, packing them into shoeboxes. Through the collective efforts of our students, we collected over 600 gift boxes. On 22nd of February,2023, teachers and students visited Anmin School, where they donated some of the gifts to the children there. The remaining items were sent to New Hope orphanage center in Henan, hoping these supplies could help more people and bring joy to disadvantaged children.

Charity begins with a single act, but love knows no bounds. Harrow Beijing hopes that every child will be filled with compassion and build bridges from heart to heart. While upholding Harrow's values, we encourage our students to follow their hearts, start with themselves, and engage in small acts of kindness. Harrow Beijing will continue to integrate the spirit of community service into daily teaching and activities, ensuring that every Harrow Beijing student becomes a passionate advocate for philanthropy and Leader contributing to society.