AISL Harrow Scholarship

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
AISL Harrow Scholarship
AISL Harrow Scholarship

The 2024-2026 AISL Harrow Scholarship Program

is now accepting applications!

This exceptional opportunity caters to students aspiring for a full scholarship at Harrow Beijing and other AISL Harrow schools, providing them with the chance to pursue higher education at a world-renowned university.

From now until December 8, 2023, all A Level prospective applicants from non-AISL Harrow schools can register. Scholarship winners will receive full sponsorship for 2 years of A Level studies at AISL Harrow schools!

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AISL Harrow 


The AISL Harrow Scholarships Programme is a charitable initiative that seeks to expand and diversify our AISL Harrow community by attracting academically gifted students from around the world to study in our family of schools. The establishment of the AISL Harrow Scholarships Foundation is a key component of AISL’s broader suite of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives to foster the development of talented individuals who possess the potential to shape a brighter future for our world. In the past three years, the Scholarship has benefited 16 scholars from over 1,300 applicants from around the world.

Applicants for the 2024/26 AISL Harrow Scholarship can choose from 10 campuses in Japan, Bangkok, Beijing, Haikou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hengqin and Nanning. Each school offers 2 slots, totaling 20 A Level scholarships. Each AISL Harrow Scholar will receive full payment of tuition, boarding and examination fees from the Scholarships during the two-year term of his/her A-Level studies.

Application Eligibility:

- Born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2008

- Have completed GCSE/IGCSE study (or equivalent) before 1 August 2024, with predictions for outstanding grades.

- Only the students born between 1 September 2007 and 31 August 2008 are eligible for AISL Harrow Scholarships.

- Be applying for Year 12 study commencing August 2024, with graduation from the school in June 2026.

- Enroll as a full boarding student for the two-year duration of the scholarship period. Where boarding is not available, alternative arrangements can be discussed directly with the Participating AISL Harrow Schools.

- Not currently be enrolled in any AISL Harrow Schools.

We have built an exceptional track record in university placement, based on outstanding grades and bespoke counselling support. Every year our graduates take up places at Oxford, Cambridge and Ivy League universities such as Harvard University, as well as the best universities in Asia.

A Level at Harrow Beijing

Attaining Academic Excellence and Achieve Life Goals

A Level at Harrow Beijing is contextualized in the history and tradition of Harrow School in London. The current subjects we offer at A Level include Art, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design Technology, Economics, Mandarin, Further Mathematics, English Literature, Geography, History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Psychology and Theatre Studies. In recent years, students at Harrow Beijing have achieved exceptional results in their A Level exams, which have helped to gain acceptance at some of the world’s best universities.

AISL Scholar

Harrow Beijing Class of 2023

Michael Z

I entered Harrow Beijing in September 2021, and I immediately bonded with the extraordinary school community – whether that be making lots of new friends, actively taking part in various school clubs and leadership roles, or receiving a truly holistic education from exceptional teachers. Harrow Beijing, along with its extensive resources, history, and great faculty, is a genuinely welcoming and kind community at its core, which is what I have really experienced over the past two years. The students are so passionate and warm that it made school change a seamless transition for me. I am sure that this was also the case for all other students and my fellow AISL Harrow scholars.

Harrow Beijing is very strong academically. At Harrow Beijing, I studied A-level Economics, Psychology, Mathematics, and Chinese, as well as my Extended Project Qualification. All subject teachers, tutors, and housemasters have been extremely supportive of us students’ academic development and personal growth. Both students’ and teachers’ dedication to academic excellence is really extraordinary. In my personal experience, teachers are also always readily available to help students with any questions that we may have in school.

Along with the truly outstanding academic achievements and remarkable university placements, Harrow is known for its holistic approach to education, which is one of the main reasons I joined Harrow Beijing. As part of the John Lyon house at Harrow Beijing, I keep a close relationship with my tutor as well as my housemasters. I think the House system is really wonderful in its nature, where we feel a sense of belonging to not only the school but also a smaller population within the school. Participating in the House events, such as House debates and House music, has been so much more fun than I imagined. Holistic education and the House system at Harrow Beijing are what I like most here.

If you aspire to excel like Harrow students and secure admission to world-renowned universities, scan the QR code and register your interests now!