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A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Open Day

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Do you have these questions about Harrow Beijing?

Does Harrow Beijing only admit foreign nationals?

Harrow Beijing welcomes both Chinese and foreign students and educates students from 2 to 18 years old, utilising high quality curricula which inherit 450 years of Harrow history and traditions and incorporate the best of British and Chinese educational philosophies. Through the unique House System, vibrant extracurricular lessons and a variety of activities in and out of school, we help students to achieve academic success and cultivate them to be well-rounded, independent people who are capable of playing to their many strengths, embracing challenges, and excelling in all that they do.

Is English proficiency the sole consideration for admissions?

English proficiency is one of the factors considered. At the same time, we comprehensively consider students' academic abilities, mathematical and logical abilities, social and emotional development, behavioral habits, adaptability, and other factors. We hope students can identify with the Harrow educational philosophy, possess a spirit of excellence and inquiry, and bring a positive impact to the school community.

How about the graduates’ university desinations? Can they take gaokao?

Harrow Beijing graduates aim for admission to top global universities, consistently securing offers from Oxbridge and world's Top 100 universities. In 2023, our graduates achieved exceptional results, gaining favor from UK G5 elite universities, and receiving acceptances from Ivy League schools like Yale, Cornell, Columbia, as well as the top 3 universities in Canada and Australia.

Does the A Level curriculum exclusively apply for UK universities?

Each year, our graduates pursue diverse paths, gaining admission to top universities worldwide, spanning the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, and China. While maintaining consistent success in UK university admissions, our graduates also receive offers from prestigious U.S. institutions such as Yale, Cornell, Columbia, UC Berkeley, NYU, showcasing the widespread recognition of the A Level curriculum by top global universities.

Any opportunities for tuition fee waiver?

The 2024-2026 AISL Harrow Scholarship Program is now accepting applications. Scholarship winners will receive full sponsorship for 2 years of A Level studies at Harrow Beijing.

Boarding or day school?

Harrow Beijing operates as a full-time day school, with the provision of school bus services for parents facing challenges in transporting their children.

Meet our student ambassadors!

Maggie M

Year 5 student

Year 3-5 Student Leader

Joined Harrow Beijing in 2018

Maggie joined Harrow Beijing since Early Years. Now in Year 5, she has emerged as a proficient guide during Open Days, articulately sharing insights with prospective students about the school's ethos. This development stems from Harrow Beijing's commitment to a holistic education philosophy. The robust implementation of this philosophy has enabled Maggie to broaden her capabilities, fostering self-assurance and courage, gradually instilling foundational qualities indicative of future leadership.

Though Maggie joined Harrow Beijing in Early Years, her move to Hegezhuang Campus brought initial concerns. The school's supportive community helped her adapt, exploring the campus facilities and quickly integrating into the international curriculum. Notably, with dedicated guidance, Maggie excelled in all facets of English proficiency and developed a keen interest in English reading.

Maggie expressed, ‘In my childhood, my dream was to change the world. Upon coming to Harrow, my aspirations received affirmation and encouragement. All the teachers urged me to explore new avenues and believed in my capacity to evolve into a better version of myself.’

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