A Level is eligible to enroll into the universities of U.S.

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A Level is eligible to enroll into the universities of U.S.
A Level is eligible to enroll into the universities of U.S.

A Level -
A gold-standard curriculum widely recognizedby world-renowned universities

A Level originated in UK and is a two-year programme that develops arguably the deepest subject knowledge of any curriculum in the world. A Levels courses are now taught in over 130 countries and are recognised by universities and employers around the world, giving students the widest range of options for their ongoing education and career. A Levels have been providing a reliable route into higher education since 1951, far longer than alternative programmes including the IB or Pre-U; this longevity along with their high standards underpin the trust that universities and employers place in them.

What are the differences between A Level and IB,
the mainstream international curricula?

The IB students need to take a much wider range of subjects which can mean that a weakness in an area they do not wish to pursue can bring down their overall score – even costing them a university place. In addition, the demands of the IB course are very high, leaving students with little time to develop their sporting, musical and artistic talents or to contribute to their communities. In contrast, the A Level allows students to specialise in the areas that they really wish to study – and as they are focused on fewer subjects they also develop a deeper understanding.

The A Level is recognised as being at the same level as first year courses in the US, and A Level students are frequently awarded university credits, allowing them to progress more rapidly. This puts them at an advantage compared to students who have completed their high school studies in the USA. The structure of A Level is simple; students usually start four courses to provide a broad foundation to their studies and this may be reduced to three subjects as they decide which areas they wish to specialise in. Universities generally require three grades for entry. We give students a great deal of advice and support in making the best possible choices with guidance that is specific to their preferred country of study and career aspirations.

Harrow Beijing A Level: Inheriting a century of excellence from Harrow School in the UK

Harrow Beijing's A Level program is rooted in the renowned Harrow School in the UK, taught by globally experienced A Level educators. In recent years, Harrow Beijing students have achieved outstanding results in A Level exams, paving the way for invitations from world-renowned institutions.

In addition to academic courses, we offer students a wide range of opportunities for learning and engaging in diverse activities. Students can choose to participate in EPQ project. The purpose of this project is to encourage and allow pupils to explore their interests outside of what they might normally study at school, or to extend their understanding of a subject they currently study. It will help pupils build skills of independent learning, planning and organisation, research, extended writing, reflection, and presentation. Universities value these skills and completion of this Project Qualification can be a very useful support to university applications.

A Levels empower students to gain admission to Ivy League universities

Are A Levels disadvantageous for applying to American universities?

This is clearly a misunderstanding.

The depth, rigour and quality assurance of A Level has led to their acceptance as entry qualifications around the world, including USA ,Europe, Australia, and Asia. Indeed in the USA the understanding and respect for A Level is so high that many of our A Level students are granted credits at university level, allowing them to advance to higher courses or a greater range of options.

Harrow Beijing graduates aim for admission to top global universities, consistently securing offers from Oxbridge and world's Top 100 universities. In 2023, our graduates achieved exceptional results, gaining favor from UK G5 elite universities, and receiving acceptances from Ivy League schools like Yale, Cornell, Columbia, as well as the top 3 universities in Canada and Australia.

If you also wish to study A Level courses and enroll in world-renowned institutions, don't miss the AISL Harrow Scholarship application opportunity!

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