Alumni back to school

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Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Alumni back to school

Education is a tree shaking a tree, a cloud to promote a cloud, a soul awaken another soul.

--Karl Theodor Jaspers

At Harrow Beijing, education extends beyond teachers and students. Recent visits from two accomplished alumni have injected fresh energy and highlighted the limitless potential of Harrow students in their future endeavors.

Alumni Name Cards

These two young individuals are full filled with confidence, wisdom, and exceptional eloquence. Sissy and Yang both expressed a deep nostalgia for their time at Harrow Beijing, which was made evident during their visit to the campus. Accompanied by Mr Ben Coldham, the Assistant Director of Studies at Harrow Beijing, they have a school tour, meet with former teachers and remind the good memories about the time they are in school. Mr Coldham, their previous tutor, expressed immense pride in their current achievements.

One of the Greatest Achievement at Harrow Beijing: Self-Confidence

Self-confidence plays a vital role in unleashing students' potential and has a profound impact on their future development. Sissy and Yang both highlighted self-confidence as their most significant gain at Harrow Beijing. International atmosphere, inclusive learning environment and flexible educational atmosphere enable students to adapt, grow, and build self-confidence for personalized development.

'I used to be very introverted. After I come to Harrow beijing, I have more opportunity to make friends from different year groups which makes me more confident to communicate with otheres. At Harrow Beijing, the relationship between teachers and students are like friends. Teachers areproviding guidance tailored to individual needs, and they're always patient in helping. Everyone's ideas are valued, and this fosters self-confidence, 'Sissy told us.

Yang recalled: 'I wanted to start an English corner project to help students with weaker English skills, and Mr. Coldham and other teachers were very supportive. This boosted my self-confidence and I'm very thankful to them.'

Mastering the Solid Skills of the English Language

In order to gain admission to world-renowned institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge, English proficiency is an essential requirement. Harrow Beijing is committed to helping students of all English proficiency levels meet the language prerequisites of elite global universities, equipping them with the academic language skills necessary for their future studies abroad.

During this revisit, Sissy and Yang shared their learning experiences with the Year 10 English intensive class students and answered questions from them.

Yang said, 'I attended Harrow Beijing's English enhancement program at the beginning when I joined school at Year 9. The teachers worked diligently on language details, which help me to  improve my English skills significantly. It still lead me to have more spare time to French and Spanish. When I start my university, I found that my english is better than other students it helps me to have a quick adaptation to study life abroad.'

'I join Harrow Beijing at Year 11, teachers are all have excellent teaching experience on teaching English as a second language. During one year study here, my english has a extremely improvement. It helps me to appy for UCL with my dream major, ' Sissy said.

A-Level Courses: Breaking Boundaries Between Arts and Sciences

Harrow Beijing offers a wide range of A Level subjects, allowing students to find suitable paths of development regardless of their interests in the arts or sciences. Like many peers, Sissy faced challenges in choosing her major. 'I was interested in math during school, and my A Level subjects were science-oriented. However, this didn't hinder my passion for anthropology. In college, I majored in anthropology while minoring in math and economics. Through learning, interacting with diverse people, and internships, I realized I liked math but not math-related jobs. My true passion is in the humanities,' Sissy said.

Yang, who initially pursued the humanities, found that A Level courses had a significant impact. 'A-Levels, being part of the British curriculum, allowed me to explore French and Spanish alongside history and geography, expanding my academic horizons,' Yang explained.


The Essential Qualities for Facing Future Challenges and Choices

After leaving school, the world opens up with diverse challenges and choices. Harrow Beijing's commitment to holistic education has prepared students like Yang and Sissy exceptionally well. The school's focus on developing leadership and communication skills through daily teaching and activities has made them competitive in their post-graduation endeavors.

'During the time in both college and work, I've come to realize the importance of leadership. I also strongly identify with the leadership education I received at Harrow Beijing. In teamwork, there's a crucial need for someone to step up, guide, analyze, and lead the team to success,' Yang stated.

Sissy talked about her experience: 'I transferred from a public school to Harrow Beijing. What struck me the most here is that everyone has a chance to exhibit leadership, and the school provides abundant opportunities to develop communication skills. Communication skills are vital in college and work, and my time at Harrow Beijing laid a strong foundation.'

Harrow Beijing values the holistic development of its graduates, emphasizing not only academic and professional excellence but also physical fitness and resilience for the future. In interviews with Sissy and Yang, both alumni highlighted the influence of sports:

Sissy mentioned: 'Harrow Beijing's focus on sports helped me develop good exercise habits. I was part of the school's tennis team, representing them in competitions. The sports spirit continues to inspire me to stay active.'

Yang shared: 'I love sports too, and Harrow Beijing provides many chances for students to engage in athletic competitions. We can connect with peers from other international schools, forge friendships, and organize games together. Harrow has broadened our horizons beyond textbooks, enabling us to meet diverse people and adapt to various environments.'

In closing, the alumni had these messages for their juniors:

'Take bold risks and pursue your passions. Treasure your time in school; it may become the best part of your life.'


'We're lucky to receive this advanced international education, so let's value it without arrogance. Embrace Harrow's values: respect others, help others, and realize your own worth.'


Keep advancing, keep blooming. Best wishes to the alumni for a bright future, and may more Harrow Beijing students achieve their dreams and have a brilliant life.