Football FOBISIA Bangkok

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Football FOBISIA Bangkok
Football FOBISIA Bangkok

After over three years, Harrow Beijing finally attended an international competition again! The U12 Boys and Girls and U14 Boys Football teams took a trip to Patana, Bangkok to compete in the FOBISIA Football Tournament.

Whilst the students were very excited to receive their new football kits and merchandise, they were still more excited about testing their abilities and playing football against some of the best schools in Asia.

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The heat in Thailand proved difficult at times for our young stars but they all persevered and represented the school with courage and humility. The underlying theme of this trip was for each student to understand the value of Fellowship and Sportspmanship and how to apply it regardless of the result. There were many occasions when our students faced challenges, but ultimately, they were able to overcome any adversity through teamwork, and the values of courage, honour, humility and fellowship.

'Becoming a good sportsperson is not easy as it’s so much more than winning a game,' the Head of Football at Harrow Beijing, Mr Martin Hilton said.

At Harrow Beijing winning is important but showing respect to other students and officials, trying best and feeling a sense of belonging underpins our sporting philosophy.

There were many notable performances throughout this tournament and a special mention for the below students for their outstanding contribution to their teams:

Rain Y,Daniel G,Pony L,Felix T,Luke S,Boris L,Elsa W,Amanda T,Mila Z,In particular, Mila Z was named Player of the Tournament for U12 Girls as she scored a whopping 18 goals over the three-day event.

The U12 Girls’ team had an amazing competition and narrowly missed out on the championship after a penalty shoot-out loss in the final. Although this was heartbreaking and a character-building experience, this was the first time a girls’ team at Harrow Beijing has ever reached the final of an international football competition so we extend hearty congratulations to all involved!

The boys' teams also had great success on and off the pitch with our very talented U12 Boys Gold team finishing as the top goal scorers in their league. The U14 Boys team, led by the passionate Mr Lingwood, showed again that they are an extraordinary group as they faced adversities and pulled together as any great team should.

We look forward to working with all teams again next season and hope that other future stars will shine for us on the international stage as we continue to strive for excellence within our football program.  

As a school, we are also extremely thankful for all of the parent support we had throughout this tournament. Our parent supporters showed up daily to cheer, support and watch every game – a true representation of Fellowship.

‘I would like to say a huge thank you to all of the following coaches for preparing the students for this tournament, Mr Collar-Roy, Mr Woodward, Mr Lingwood, Mr Longmuir, Mr Hill, Miss Short, Miss Zara, Miss Burgess and Mrs Inns. Without these coaches, the trip would not have been as successful as it was,' Mr Martin Hilton said.