A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.

During the 2022-2023 academic year, Harrow Beijing students have achieved many remarkable achievements: whether it was excellent grades in an important exam, a success built on teamwork or winning a championship in a competition. These achievements are not only a recognition of their ability and skills, but also provide wonderful memories of their growth and efforts.

Youth is not only the accumulation of achievements, but also a process of overcoming challeges. The class of 2023 have experienced the epidemic and studying under difficult circumstances over the last few years. They learned to persist and be brave, and finally achieved extraordinary results. The class of 2023 received offers from the world's top universities:


Harrow Beijing is committed to providing excellent education, enabling students to embark on a successful path globally and directed towards further academic study and an embrace of all that life offers. The representatives of the Class of 2023 expressed their gratitude to the school:

Noor B

Class of 2023, Head Girl

Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, Acting

'Harrow Beijing is a very special place to me, it is where I gained knowledge and expanded my vision, where I explored my passions and challenged myself to do things I would fear to do elsewhere before. Harrow Beijing is also a place where I met many truly amazing people all unique and beautiful in their own ways, teachers, students and friends. At this moment, we are embarking on a new journey. Education and what we will go onto experience in our university lives, is crucial, a privilege, so do find as much joy in it as possible. We may stumble and fall, which is normal and unavoidable, but what we learnt from Harrow Beijing, will serve as a guiding torch, this may not bring light to every corner, which is fine, because part of the excitement is the unpredictable and the unknown, so, this light, or the knowledge we gained from school, can help guide us, and avoid some bumps.'

Nik A

Class of 2023, Head Boy

Yale University, East Asian Studies

'All of my achievements are a product of the bonds I have made with my teachers and peers, who always stood by my side and made me feel loved. Never once in my six years at Harrow Beijing have I felt alone, never once was a teacher too busy or a peer too tired for a chat. Without all of you, without my teachers, without this school, I would not have become the person I am today, and the memories of this fantastic place will remain with me until the day I finally reach the rim of my wheel.

Michael Z

Class of 2023

New York University  

Economic and Public Policy

Full Scholarship

AISL Harrow Scholarship Winner

'I am immensely grateful to the AISL Group for awarding me the prestigious AISL Harrow Scholarship. I also want to extend, on behalf of all the graduates, our profound appreciation to all Harrow teachers and staff - we are lucky enough to have fallen upon such good teachers. Additionally, I would like to thank our university counseling team for the guidance I received, which has helped me secure full scholarships of New York University. I am also grateful to all my friends who made my time here so memorable.'

Ms Shellie Gibbons, Director of Sixth Form, delivered a speech at the graduation ceremony:

Shellie Gibbons

Director of Six Form

Dear Graduating Class of 2023,

Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone in your lives!

As you step forward into the next chapter of your life, we want to express our heartfelt wishes for your future success. May your paths be filled with opportunities that align with your passions and talents. May you embrace challenges as stepping stones toward personal and professional growth. Remember that setbacks are temporary, and they can be transformed into valuable lessons.

In your pursuit of success, never lose sight of the importance of kindness, empathy and integrity. As you encounter different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives, strive to be inclusive and compassionate. Your actions have the power to make a positive impact on the world around you.

Remember that learning is a lifelong journey, and graduation marks just the beginning. Stay curious, remain open to new ideas and never stop seeking knowledge. Take risks, chase your dreams, and believe in yourself, even when faced with uncertainty. Your potential is boundless, and with determination, you can achieve greatness.

Once again, congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2023! We are excited to see the impact you will make in the world and the extraordinary achievements that lie ahead.

Best wishes for a future filled with boundless opportunities!

Harrow Beijing Speech Day

At the end of each academic year, Harrow Beijing welcomes the Speech Day. As a tradition at Harrow, our teachers and students gather in the main theatre to review the progress and achievements of the 2022-2023 academic year and celebrate the achievements of students in academic achievement, sports, arts and community service of the past year.

Harrow Beijing students received awards from the Heads. It is a summary of past achievements, but also the motivation to continue to work hard in the new school year.

The Speech Day also provided a stage for students to show their musical talents. In the beautiful instrumental and choir performances, Harrow Beijing teachers and parents observed the confident growth of the children.

Message from the Heads

Sarah Davey

Head of Lower School

There is nothing that makes me feel more fulfilled than when I greet students and ask them how they are, and they reply to me "I am happy!". We pride ourselves at Harrow Beijing on cultivating a positive school culture where all of our students can thrive, feel confident and happy whilst on their journey through school. As Lower School students you have shown yourselves to be curious, unique, fun, kind, happy and engaged. Your teachers have guided you to develop characteristics such as compassion, empathy, leadership, determination and resilience. I have no doubt you will continue to develop these throughout your education and life. I would like to congratulate all the prize winners for your hard work, consistent effort and dedication to school life, and on achieving a prize today. Thank you so much to the staff and parents for everything you do to support and guide our students. We have a truly wonderful community in our Lower School at Harrow Beijing, and I am looking forward to what we can achieve together next academic year!

Thomas Nolan

Head of Upper School

Speech Day is about celebrating individual student achievements and success, but it is also an opportunity to reflect upon our shared values and to promote a sense of fellowship. As I am sure you are aware fellowship is also one of our Harrow School core values, and this value feels particularly relevant today as we reflect upon a fascinating and tumultuous year where our school community has once again shown itself at its very best. We have had so many highlights this year, from receiving the school’s best ever University offers, to our first international trips in nearly four years, and of course the fantastic production of Guys and Dolls – which must have been one of the most accomplished musical productions put on anywhere this year. Whether your achievements are on the playing field, or stage or in the classroom, it is your collective experiences which you are able to work together on that really are the things you will most remember about school, and which also help you to develop the skills and support networks to cope with the challenges that life will undoubtedly throw at you. You are all great role models and have shown and embodied all of our Harrow values in abundance. Congratulations to all of you.

As educators, in addition to helping students achieve academic achievement, we hope to bring excellent experiences to students from multiple aspects and help them develop comprehensive qualities.

Finally, we wish all Harrow Beijing students success in the new academic year, guided by our four core values of ‘Courage, Honor, Humility and Fellowship’ !