Lower School PD Week

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Lower School PD Week

From 9 to 12 May, Lower School Personal Development Week activities were in full swing! Pickling and planting, STEAM themed activities, water sports, painting, orienteering, archery......, There were a lot of ways to learn through onsite and offsite activities at Harrow Beijing!

Let's take a look at the wonderful PD Week at Harrow Beijing Lower School!

Year 2

Year 2 students making their own STEAM themed game parks

Exploring the fascinating world of Science and Technology through robotics,  lego car and soap making

DIY chocolate lollipops

Year 3 & 4

Painting Opera Masks and playing Go Games to experience traditional Chinese Culture

Learning to make sushi, pizza and becoming a gourmet for a day

Year 5

Experiencing archery, action training, and Caribbean art

Lower School students from all year groups also enjoyed a variety of sports and aquatics activities, to inject full vitality into campus life!

Ms. Sarah Davey-Head of Lower School :

Our PD week activities have challenged our students to try something new, work with their peers and to demonstrate their broad subject knowledge in differing contexts. There were many creative opportunities as well as fun to be had during the week. Staff were so impressed with the confidence and can-do attitudes displayed by the students during the week and the staff enjoyed joining in on the activities with the students. It’s a hugely beneficial week for the students where they are able to learn outside the classroom by linking their learning to real world experiences.

Offsite activities are extensions of the school education and provide students with excellent opportunities to get out into the wider world. During the PD Week, Harrow Beijing provided opportunities for our students to participate in various off-campus projects that extended their learning radius, helping students challenge themselves, and developing their team spirit and leadership.

1-Organic Farm Trip

Year 2 and Year 3 students came to the organic farm and learnt about how this helps the world around us. They planted sweet potatoes, pickled vegetables, learnt about animal farming, fed the animals and finally cooked sweet potatoes.

2-Cool Watersports

Year 4 and Year 5 students went to the Olympic Rowing Park and took part in sailing, kayaking, and stand-up paddle boarding activities. During the day, students were grouped together for games and tried their hand at a variety of different watersports, before finishing the day with some competitive raft building and relays.

3-Jungle Flight and Orienteering Activities

Year 4 students completed a Jungle Flight high ropes course at Chestnut Valley. They took part in orienteering activities and completed a Leave No Trace workshop.

4-Survival Training

Year 5 students came to Shimenshan for survival training. The games deepened the sense of trust with their peers, and also promoted the development of communication skills and problem solving skills.

Holistic education is vital at Harrow Beijing. We hope to bring excellent experiences to our students through rich and high-quality activities to support their knowledge exploration and ability development in and out of the classroom, and to master the life skills necessary for the future world.