Parent Survey

A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Parent Survey

The parent survey shows how much Harrow Parents value English Teaching and the International Curriculum at Harrow Beijing. This is not surprising given Harrow Beijing’s  A level, GCSE and IELTs results. The Harrow Values, inherited from Harrow London, of Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship are highly valued by parents and integrated into all aspects of a Harrow Education from the Early Years to the Senior Phase and beyond. Outstanding academic results, high levels of English and a school community that lives the Harrow Values are some of the reasons behind Harrow’s strong reputation in the community.

Parents believe that Harrow Beijing School Leadership provides the direction that the school needs to sustain and improve its great record of academic, holistic and pastoral success.

The vast majority of parents consider the School Campus to be one that supports the educational needs of our students, the young leaders of the future.

In accordance with Harrow Values the school creates an environment that respects children and helps them learn. This goes to our fundamental belief that students that love going to school do well at school and develop a lifelong love of learning.

Dr Ahmed Hussain-Governor, Harrow Beijing Chief Education Officer, AISL Harrow

Dear Harrow Beijing Community:

My role in supporting Harrow Beijing as Acting Head Master has allowed me to meet very many students, staff and engage with a significant number of parents representing all phases of the school. I am truly grateful for the candid feedback these discussions have provided. It is profoundly important that as a leader, me and my team listen to and understand the perceptions and perspectives of parents.

Since the end of February, there has been 102 opportunities for parents to be on the school premises and to engage in presentations, workshops, school tours, visits to classrooms, small group meetings with leaders, witness the product of student learning, attend assemblies and attend multiple student performances, including the incredible Guys and Dolls that attracted over 700 attendees. Our intention has been to provide parents certainty on the educational offer Harrow Beijing provides and how it prepares students for success, in the School and beyond. There have been very many opportunities to learn about how our education maximises opportunities for English language acquisition and its application across the curriculum coupled with our approach to ensuring students are prepared for entry to the world’s leading universities. There have been multiple opportunities for parents to share their thoughts with the school, for instance recently a parent survey revealed that 92% of parents feel that the leadership of the school meets expectations and provides the direction that the school needs to sustain and improve its great record of academic, holistic and pastoral success. Furthermore, 91% of parents feel that teaching and teachers meet expectations and provide a good education to students. Nevertheless, we remain committed to using feedback from parents, and all stakeholders, to shape strategic plans. 

In early May, I have also led the second quality assurance review of the academic year of Harrow Beijing in collaboration with colleagues from Harrow in London. This process evaluates the performance of all AISL Harrow schools against a framework of Harrow Standards which are the most rigorous set of expectations consistent for all Harrow schools. It was recognised that Harrow Beijing displayed the following areas of strength:

  • University offers that exceed those for similar students in similar schools.
  • Sustained improvement in public examination outcomes.
  • A strength in supporting English language acquisition.
  • A climate for learning in the classroom reflective of a respectful environment in which the Harrow values are imbued by all members of the community

We will continue to strive to work with our parents to maximise the collective impact we have in our students. Excellence will be achieved through our partnership and commitment to open and authentic collaboration. Harrow Beijing is committed to working with you are partners in the education journey your children take with us.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Ahmed Hussain