2021 BritCham Education Forum

Recently, Mrs Rachel Dent, the Head of Harrow Beijing, was invited to attend the 2021 British Chamber of Commerce Education Forum. More than 180 Chinese and British education leaders and educators gathered at the forum to discuss educational development and collaboration between China and the UK.

As an educator who has worked in the field of British education for more than 30 years, Mrs Dent has a profound understanding of the advantages of British education.

'The emphasis on creativity and intellectual curiosity makes British education stand out across the world.'

How to better integrate the advantages of British education with the characteristics of Chinese education is a theme that all of us in the international education field are constantly exploring and thinking about. In addition, the premise underpinning this integration is the identification of values. 'The principle of values is something that we take very seriously. Harrow's values are Courage, Honor, Humility and Fellowship. And I think they are very close to China and Chinese values,' Ms Dent said.

Ms Dent believes that students are the foundation of education and the starting point for learning. 'We hope to help our students excel academically through a wide variety of subjects. We also hope to build a vibrant school community that provides students with opportunities for activities in arts, sports, music, community service and other fields, so that they can develop holistically and attain a broad perspective in order to cope with challenges in their future lives'.