2021 Upper School House Music

It has been two long years since the last House Music and the event this year did not disappoint. The theme for 2021 was 'Harrow Core Values' and each House put on a dazzling display of, 'Honour', 'Humility, 'Fellowship' and above all else: an abundance of 'Courage'!

The format this year required Houses to work collaboratively in groups to create an intro video that explained their song and chosen value, design costumes, choreograph the dance elements, and also select band members and singers. Every student from Year 6 - 13 was involved with House Prefects leading the rehearsals and coordinating the logistics for their House.

A filmed run through took place on the 18th November with Year 5 watching as a very energetic and vibrant 'live' audience. Mr. Byrne as MC created a Eurovision vibe throughout the afternoon as he introduced each House, interviewed the judges and students and entertained the whole crowd.

The blue army of Kong Zi began the afternoon with the world's happiest song 'Mr. Blue Sky' by ELO. The judges commented that their song conveyed, 'meaningful links to fellowship and their House charity (Blue Sky Healing Home) and the band were fantastic!'

With their purple dragon on full display, Song Qing Ling performed the Sia hit 'Unstoppable' next. The judges noted, 'the depth of the choir and the buildup of the song complimented the accomplished band and dance routine'.

Curie performed 'I Believe' by Yolanda Adams and the judges commented that, 'the complex solos were very polished, the drumming was excellent and we really enjoyed the different styles of dancing which definitely brought the X-Factor!'

In all their glitz and glamour John Lyon humbly sang 'Royals' by Lorde. The judges praised the highly professional intro video and, 'loved the props and uplifting House spirit. The soloists were strong and the choir executed a difficult song choice'.

Churchill took the audience on a trip in time back to 1987 with their performance of Rick Astley classic, 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. The stage was a glow with neon yellow and the judges loved 'the energy, enthusiasm, and fun that everyone brought to the stage'

Finally, Ju Ching Chu finished off the afternoon with their own version of Beatles iconic hit, 'Come Together'. The students rewrote the lyrics to reflect JCC as a House and all the Harrow core values. The judges commented that the 'use of lighting really added to the atmosphere and dancing added an element of drama to the piece: amazing!'

On 2nd December, each House held a watch party to enjoy the event before the winner was announced at the end of the school day.And the 2021 winners are: Song Qing Ling!