A-Level Results 2021

We are honored to announce that students at Harrow Beijing have once again achieved exceptional results in their A-Level exams. The Sixth Form students attained extraordinary grades as a result of their fortitude, courage and self-discipline.

A2 - 68% A*-A

The A2 exam results demonstrate the commitment and persistence of students at Harrow Beijing during challenging times. Sixty-eight percent of the grades reached A*-A and 85% A*-B. In terms of individual highlights, Annika F, Karina N, Tracy S and Katelyn X attained four A*s in the subjects they chose. Edward G, Lina Y, and King Z all achieved three A*s. In all, 18 students achieved A or A* results in all their A-Level exams!

AS - 69% A

Students performed extraordinarily well in this year's AS exams. Sixty-nine percent of the grades were at A and 84% at A-B. Ten students got four As and 16 students got 3 or more As in their AS exams.

Congratulations again on the excellent examination results and thanks to all teachers and parents for their support. A new academic year, as well as a new journey, is about to start. We are certain these achievements help students and graduates knock on the doors of the world's best universities, advance their studies and be well-prepared for all the challenges and opportunities they will meet in the future.