UKMT Intermediate Math Challenge

The UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge 2021 was administered via Teams on 1 February during the holiday. Amazingly, we had 100% attendance of 60 students from Year 8-11 who joined this worldwide competition.

The UKMT Intermediate Mathematics Challenge is for students in Year 9-11. Since we have exceptionally talented students in Year 8, we entered them into this competition. Of the 60 students (Year 8-11) who took part in the challenge, 41 students (68.3%) were awarded a certificate, (Gold – 18.3%, Silver – 21.7% and Bronze – 28.3%). This result is better than previous challenges in this category with the number of certificates going by 10.2%.

We are very proud of these students. Despite some challenges, such as the slow internet speed during the online competition, they still managed to gain many awards.