Online Learning Updates

2020 has been a uniquely challenging year for all of us. Different people have reacted to this challenge in different ways. Many people have taken this crisis as an opportunity to show their strength of character, resilience and resourcefulness. We are very pleased to note that this has been particularly true of our students, many of whom are very young but have approached this situation with great poise and maturity.

We wanted to share with you just a few of the many wonderful pieces of work they have done during this period and take a moment to pause and reflect on how well their family and school values have served them and what fine work they have produced.


Music creates a sense of communal belonging, participation and well-being. Lower school music teachers have been doing amazing work to bring the community together and celebrate children's success through virtual learning opportunities in creative ways.


Children have been continuing to develop their Science skills online. Year 3 and Year 4 have their focus on conducting fun scientific investigations, which can be easily carried out at home using everyday household materials. We have been so proud of our young scientists efforts and their ability to carry out these investigations. We have some very able young scientists in Lower School!


In the 'Shakespeare Bingo' activity, Year 7 Merliah X produced a fantastic newspaper report for a 'fake opening night' at the Globe Theatre.

Year 7 Sophia L chose a challenging task by learning a scene from a Shakespeare's play. She re-created a scene from Macbeth and it was wonderful!


Year 4 and 5 live Drama lessons were introduced after the Spring Break and the children have been engaging well and producing some excellent work. They are studying Charlie and The Chocolate Factory in English and bringing it to life creatively through Drama. Take a look at Year 4 James S 's creation of 'The News Anchor' from our 2nd live lesson. It truly is superb!! In Upper School, students were asked to create a music video lasting 1-2 minutes. Students discovered ways of filming and editing their videos. As performers, they also had to consider using facial expressions, body language and movement to express their emotions.


Year 6 students have been comparing the Han and the Roman dynasties in History. Amazingly, they existed at the same point in time, though knew little of each other. Comparisons have been made between their systems of governance, the organisation of their military, life for women at that time, their inventions, philosophies, and religions, as well as their houses and the way they lived.

Armed with an abundance of knowledge, Year 6 students threw themselves into a creative project in which they could demonstrate their learning through songs, documentaries, and even manga cartoons!


Students continue to study Art online while teachers spent time evolving and changing the curriculum to best fit the students' situations. With limited access to equipments and materials, they have all learnt to be creative using materials that are within reach, and begun to seek greater inspiration from objects within their own environments. Focusing on the artwork can also help children to take a break from the screen and relax.