The Gift of Reading

Recently, the Head of Harrow Beijing Mrs Rachel Dent visited our City Campus where she read to the students from 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

This caused her to reflect, not only on the role of reading in education but also on the role of reading and education in our lives.

'Children with high levels of literacy do better in all subjects. But there is something more here'.

Mrs Dent then spoke about the thread that runs through all aspects of a Harrow Education – that we are preparing children for life, to be happy and empathetic, to lead lives that are as rich as they are rewarding.

'Schools and families want to prepare children for life and reading not only provides people, young and old, with countless hours of joy but allows them to understand the lives of others through a myriad of experiences and perspectives.' Mrs Dent said.

And what better place to start than a beautiful morning in Beijing with the Hungry Caterpillar!