Welcome Back Year 13 Students

Harrow Beijing is reopening!

After repeated practice and thorough inspections, we received the approval of EDB to welcome Year 13 students back to school this week.

After this challenging period, we met again on our beautiful campus to begin anew. We were very happy to see students resume school life safely, protected by a thorough regime of anti-infection measures.

Entering School

Everybody has temperature checks through infrared temperature monitors and cleans their hands with alcohol disinfectant at the school gate.

Students and teachers arrive at the school waiting to fill in the required information and measure their temperatures.

Having been apart for a long time, teachers and students were very excited to see each other again.

At the entrance to the lobby, the school nurse measures the students' temperatures to ensure accuracy. Guide lines are set on the road to remind people to keep a safe distance.

Students register in the lobby.

In the Class

The students returned to their daily lessons on the first day.

Tables and chairs are placed more than one metre apart and sterilized three times a day. Each student uses a separate set. Cleaning staff sterilize the classrooms thoroughly three times a day. Ultraviolet light is used to disinfect after school.

Noon Check

Students, teachers and school staff will be tested at different areas at noon every day to ensure that all staff keep their body temperature normal and avoid gatherings.


After studying the morning, students can replenish their energy during lunch time.

Dining Hall reserves only one entrance and one exit. There are staff to guide students and avoid gatherings. Staff and students have temperature checks and sterilize their hands at the entrance of the dining hall; they also keep a distance of more than one metre from each other. The teacher on duty will supervise whether students clean their hands properly. Staff and students should wash and disinfect their hands again after the meal.

Staff and students are divided into different groups according to the dining time. The number of people at each table is strictly limited. People should eat separately and follow the 'one table, one chair' dining system. Reducing verbal communication is highly recommended during the meal.