A Conversation with Art
Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of School, read to the City Campus children and reflected on the role that reading plays in education, and in our lives.
Harrow Beijing founded in 2005
Harrow School in China
Located in Beijing for 18 years
11 sister schools worldwide
4,318 students educated by Harrow Beijing
9,000+ hours of community service conducted by 700 students every year
20 IGCSE subjects offered by Harrow Beijing
19 A Level subjects offered by Harrow Beijing
Harrow’s core values comprise ‘Courage, Honour, Humility and Fellowship’. These are the principles that have kept Harrow at the highest levels of excellence for 450 years. They constantly propel the growth of a dynamic and positive culture that impacts the development of all members of the global Harrow community.
Courage encourages us to innovate and take risks, inspiring change for the better. It means challenging adversity and complacency, making the most of opportunities, putting fear of failure to one side and staying the course, even when it is difficult.
Honour is about doing the right thing, having the highest standards and leading by example. It involves taking responsibility and, ultimately, is what makes us worthy of the trust of others.
Humility asks us to recognise that one's self is a work in progress and that struggling with one's weaknesses is essential to growth. Humility increases our awareness that talent and achievement alone, however impressive, are not sufficient to succeed as a human being – and that none of us is at the centre of the universe.
Fellowship means building binding, constructive relationships that help us all to make a positive contribution. This is resonant with our belief that the strongest relationships of all are based on faith, hope and love.
The History of Harrow Beijing
Harrow Beijing opened at Anzhen Xili
Harrow Beijing Lower School opened at Grasse Town
Harrow Beijing Choir performed at the Beijing Olympics
Harrow Beijing moved to the new Hegezhuang Campus
Harrow Beijing City Campus opened at the original school site in Anzhen Xili
Pearson Awards - Academic Diversity of the Year & Centre with Outstanding Pearson Learners
Harrow Beijing Choir performed in the New Year’s Concert at the Great Hall of the People
British Schools Award – Empowering Students
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Student Art Exhibition
Recently, we had a chance to catch a glimpse of Harrow Beijing teachers through the paintings of Year 10 student Alex Z. Alex has been with Harrow Beijing since Year 6. Speaking about the inspiration behind the creations, Alex said: 'We have all experienced unprecedented challenges during the pandemic. I saw the great efforts made by our teachers and staff to keep students safe and ensure that lessons run smoothly, and so I wanted to pay tribute to these lovely people by creating their portraits.' The charm of art is infinite. Talking about the connection with art, Alex believes that art can immerse him in the fun of exploring the world, and through which he can express different emotions and ideas. In Alex's artworks, besides academic teachers, there are also some Harrow Beijing administrative staff. Harrow Beijing has been committed to providing quality services to make sure our students thrive in a warm community. We are incredibly proud that those efforts have been recognized by our students. Alex's tutor, Mrs Rachael Inns, is very impressed by his dedication to art and his outstanding skills in portrait and oil painting. 'Alex and I have conversations about who inspires him as an artist and any projects he is working on. We also discuss other forms of apparently simplistic modern painting and have had some great debates on how simplicity can become complex, depending on the observer and what they project onto the painting,' Mrs Inns told us. Ms Letitia EvansMinto, the Upper School Head of Art, added: 'Beijing has a dynamic, vibrant and continually changing and expanding art scene and market with top artists coming out of the city. It is a privilege to be able to live in such a melting pot of diverse creative fields, all coinciding together and being celebrated in and around the many beautiful art districts. Our school is also a place with such talent, energy and drive, with leadership skills being the common thread throughout all of the subjects and cohorts. Students such as Alex spearhead their own initiatives to not only give back to their school community in a heartfelt and meaningful way, but for Alex to put it on a platform via a public exhibition knowing that the sentiment will be shared and felt by many more than those he has depicted visually is a wonderful example of courage.'
Last Night of the PROMS
On 4 March, it was an absolute pleasure for Harrow Beijing to host the Beijing International Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Maria Nauen, for 'Last Night of The Proms'. This was an unforgettable evening of music and reconnection of our Harrow community. Mrs Rachel Dent, Head of Harrow Beijing 'Harrow Beijing is a very special community and parents are a key component of that community. Throughout the last 4 years, you have supported us in so many ways that we genuinely hope this concert goes some way to expressing our gratitude and appreciation. My thanks to the Beijing International Chamber Orchestra's wonderful performance. Thanks also to Mrs Danielle Byrne and the many staff and students who have worked behind the scenes to make the night possible.' Dr Ahmed Hussain, Chief Education Officer of AISL 'On behalf of AISL Harrow, I would like to say thank you to the parents of Harrow Beijing for their commitment, togetherness, and resilience to stick with this school community. In the past few days here at Harrow Beijing, I've seen our students whose English is way beyond those in similar schools. Their reading and writing skills are equivalent to native level English students.  It's together that we achieve success for the children. I'm fully confident we will help your children achieve the very best they possibly can.' The evening program included a variety of popular classical film scores such as 'Moon River', 'The Lion King', 'Mission Impossible' and more. We were proud to see not only Harrow Beijing staff play with the orchestra, but seven talented students play alongside them in this celebration of a new chapter of welcoming audiences back to campus. The Prefect team also represented the student body, as well as our music ambassadors, who played a range of music at the champagne reception. These students showed the true spirit of our core values of fellowship and courage.
Lantern Festival Celebrations
We were excited to welcome all of our students and teachers back to school, and as part of Lantern Festival and school reopening celebrations, Harrow Beijing organized a series of cultural activities to celebrate new year and reunion. Early Years to Year 1 Festive vibes were in abundance at City Campus, where various cultural activities were taking place. Early Years to Year 1 children engaged in activities such as paper-cutting, handcrafting and guessing lantern riddles throughout the week, experiencing the charm of traditional Chinese culture in a joyful atmosphere. Lower School Lower School students crafted lanterns and cards to express their best wishes to friends and loved ones. In addition, activities such as pitch-pot and shuttlecock games were popular with everyone. Guessing teachers' names from photographs taken when they were babies was a special lantern riddle which the students particularly enjoyed. The lantern riddles and the way in which they required students to critically engage with the content were rather popular across both Lower School and Upper School, and it was wonderful to observe everyone taking part in this long-celebrated tradition. Students can also claim house points by guessing the right answer to their lantern riddles. Upper School Prep Head Boy and Head Girl shared their thoughts on the new term and sent their best wishes to the entire school community at assemblies. Students and teachers also performed the Jasmine Flower and Czardas to showcase their musical talent. Making sticky rice dumplings is another regular activity we take part in at Lantern Festival each year, and students prepared some colorful sticky rice dumplings to share with their families. Form tutors also led tutor group activities such as making the paper lanterns and a Lantern Festival Quiz.
University Early Offers
According to the latest results, we are extremely proud to announce that Harrow Beijing students have received offers from leading universities in the UK, the US, Canada, Hong Kong China, including but not limited to University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Cornell University, the University of Hong Kong and many more. We are delighted to see Harrow Beijing students recognized by the world's top universities, and look forward to more offers coming through.  Our academic team strives to support students through the technical process of university/college applications and these initial offers are testament to the significant work undertaken by our students and staff. Check out the latest university offers of Harrow Beijing (Results by 2 February, 2023) UK Birkbeck, University of London     Brunel University London     Durham University     King's College London     Kingston University London     Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts Loughborough University     Oxford Brookes University     Queen Mary University of London Queen's University Belfast     Royal Holloway, University of London Sheffield Hallam University     SOAS University of London     The University of Edinburgh     The University of Sheffield     University College London     University for the Creative Arts     University of the West of England Bristol      University of Bath     University of Birmingham     University of Bristol     University of Cambridge     University of Glasgow     University of Gloucestershire     University of Leeds     University of Leicester     University of Manchester     University of Nottingham     University of Oxford     University of Reading     University of Southampton     University of Surrey     University of the Arts London     University of Warwick     University of Westminster     University of Winchester     University of York     York St John University     US Art Center College of Design  Boston University    Cornell University Fordham University    Indiana University  Lewis and Clark College     New York University     Pratt Institute School of Visual Arts  The New School Parsons   University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign     University of Wisconsin AUSTRALIA The University of Sydney CHINA The University of Hong Kong
Harrow Ducker 2022
Harrow Ducker 2022
On 9 November, the Harrow Ducker was successfully held at Harrow Beijing to celebrate the 450th Anniversary of Harrow London and to demonstrate links to the rest of the Harrow family. As a classic sporting activity with a long history in Harrow, the Ducker encourages students to exercise, improve their physical strength, and to build a belief in themselves. By participating in these activities, students develop and engage the core values of Harrow while continuing to nurture their own pathways. Tug of War In the Tug of War, students in each House were put to the ultimate test of strength endurance  and teamwork, with the goal of pulling the rope across the line before the opposing team can do so. Relay Races Students in House teams participated in a variety of fun relay races, including some skiing-related activities, helping to demonstrate our link to Harrow Appi in Japan.  The teams needed to complete as many runs as they could via different settings within the allotted time frame. Jianzi Students worked both individually and in groups to gain points for their House by playing this popular Chinese sport.  The aim is to use the body (but not the hands) to maneuver the Jianzi into different target areas. Walk/Muay Thai Fitness Challenges Students undertook a host of different fitness activities such as running, skipping, punches, and speed jumps to complete a series of team challenges, all of which were characterised by Muay Thai training exercises, popular in Thailand, the location of our Harrow Bangkok sister school. In between these exercises, students embarked on a walking trail around and throughout the school, completing a series of obstacles and challenges that represent the Victoria Peak hike  in Hong Kong.  
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