Letter from the Head

A very warm welcome to Harrow Beijing.  There is no doubt this is an extraordinary school situated on a purpose-built campus offering an outstanding educational experience.

Harrow has been offering an exceptional education for almost 450 years. At the heart of this is a belief in a fulfilling education where pupils thrive. As part of the Harrow family which includes Harrow International Schools in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Shanghai, we all share a core mission – Leadership for a better world. This has never been more important than today. Here in Beijing we are devoted to creating young people who have integrity and who can excel in all that they do. Our students go on to study at some of the world's leading universities where they continue to harness the talents instilled by a Harrow education.

Teaching at Harrow is a phenomenally rewarding experience. All our staff are dedicated and determined to encourage all the children in their care. There is a very clear vision to achieve academic excellence but also to develop a well-rounded, empowered individual who can harness their own strengths and take on challenges. This is partly achieved through the Harrow House system which is another unique aspect of our school along with our enrichment programmes including sport and the arts. We are very proud to be based in China's capital city and as such our curriculum programmes very much reflect the needs of students living in Beijing.

Our school is a community which has the staff, parents and pupils at its heart. As a parent you will have the opportunity to share your child's journey with others including the' Friends of Harrow' network and our widely acclaimed 'Parent Partnership Program.'

As an experienced Head and parent myself, I know that choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Here at Harrow Beijing we have a dedicated team of people keen to help you with that decision.

Mrs Rachel Dent

The Head