International Leaders’ Scholarship

‘Leadership for a better world’ drives our commitment for nurturing successful global learners. Harrow Beijing is proud to introduce scholarship opportunities for the best international students looking to enter Year 1 and above. Eligible scholarship students will need to show strength and potential in their academic ability and six areas: English language, Modern Foreign Languages, Sports, Music and Creative Arts, contribution to the community, and leadership attributes.

Suitability for the scholarship will be assessed using an enhanced admissions procedure which includes the normal entry process (detailed in the Admissions section) and additional, age appropriate, requirements. Children will be asked to prepare a short video or essay (depending on age) where they can highlight why they want to attend Harrow Beijing and what they can offer the school, in terms of the School’s mission statement. Lower School applicants will also be invited to spend a whole day in school for class observations, tests and interviews. In the Upper School, students will have in-depth interviews with senior members of staff. Parents will be asked to write a statement commenting on their child’s ability and achievements and their own expectations. Successful candidates will be awarded up to 60% off their annual tuition fees.

For more information about the scholarship and your child’s eligibility, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Office.